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Seedy K’s GameCap: Boston College

Rain delay?


Of course, there’d be something about now like an out of the blue rain delay. It’s been that kind of season in a cockamamie time of life.

It had actually stopped raining. Yet, the roof on the World’s Most Spectacular Arena (Louisville Division) was leaking anyway.

Wet Grounds in the official box score.

Where was Dan McDonnell’s ground crew with a tarp when we really need them.

Wouldn’t it have been something too poetic if as sure a W as this Louisville team faced for the rest of the campaign was cancelled?

But they played the game. After a 1:14 delay.

Which is lucky for you, my loyal readers, otherwise I’d be riffing about my favorite rain delay of all time. Years, decades ago, during a long stoppage of play do to inclemency at a Reds game. Joe Nuxhall trading stories with Happy Chandler. Priceless.

But, the Cards and Eagles clashed, and, huzzah, the University of Louisville Cardinals took care of biz.

Louie the Cardinal 67, Baldwin the Eagle 54.

* * * * *

Are we at that desperate point with U of L Men’s hoops when we celebrate such a victory in front of yet another sorrowful plethora of empty seats?

Yes, yes, it is.

Is there a logical jumping off place? A performance or moment that is worthy of mention?

Yes. and, yes.

Jae’Lyn Withers finally showed up.

He was focused.

He competed with energy.

He was to use the terminology he mentioned time and again after the W, “aggressive.”

He made some pretty nifty plays. Just one glaringly bad one, an ill advised corner trey with about four to play and the Cardinals up 9.

For some reason, he can’t seem to get a dunk through the hoop. But, he took it hard inside, with authority on several occasions, even hit the hardwood when fouled on one attempt at a slam. He made 1 of 2 FTs, then posted up for a deuce on the Flagrant 1 additional possession. 15-11.

He mentioned his intent was “to live around the rim like last year.”

He found Sid Curry with a nifty feed for a slam. 19-15.

He converted a 12 foot baseline J +1 for a 22-17 lead.

He tallied on a curl down the lane for the 30-28 U of L halftime advantage.

* * * * *

Not superstar stuff, but more of what he and the faithful were hoping for/ expecting this season. Withers led the Cards with 8/2/1 and some solid D at intermission.

Mack said postgame that he was “just really happy for Jae’Lyn.”

So, for his efforts, did Coach Chris Mack reward Withers with a 2d half start, show the kid some dap?

Of course not.

But, Withers continued to hustle. He made a great get back on a breakaway steal with U of L up 60-49. Then played a monster defensive possession, forcing a turnover on which play Jae’Lyn was fouled. That resulted in the possession when El Ellis hit that dagger trey off an inbounds with :04 on the shot clock, for a 14 point cushion.

* * * * *

Nor did CCM show his appreciation after halftime to Sam Williamson for 6 and 3 stats in the 1st. Nor Matt Cross for his hardworking 2/4/2 slashline before the break.

Mack’s M.O. seems to be that game starters are 2d half starters, regardless of what happens in the first 20.

Just another curiosity about the beleaguered Card “leader.”

He put a group of starters on the floor that once again we haven’t seen.

Who had Faulkner, Ellis, Locke, Williams and Curry in their Starter Pool?

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

But, snark aside, still scratching head though, have to say, it worked. Cardinals won.

* * * * *

Here it comes fans, Seedy steps into the Time Machine for another reference to the Days of Yore.

In the late 60s, the Cards had a tremendous jump shooter named Dave Gilbert.

He was a marksman. As long as he got the ball in his spot. As long as he didn’t have to dribble. As long as he could catch and shoot.

Sound familiar?

Does the name Noah Locke mean anything to you?

When Louisville runs a set that clears some space for the Florida transfer, so he can just catch and shoot, the guy is money more than Vince Vaughn in “Swingers.”

It worked thrice Wednesday, after trying to run such a set early on, when the score was knotted at 4, to no avail.

It did work for a triple to make it 8-7. Again, early in the 2d for a 35-30 lead. Again a couple of possessions later for a 38-30 margin.

He also matched Sam’s two steals.

Get Locke the ball when he can just catch and shoot, I suggest.

* * * * *

Which brings us to the blessing of the aforementioned Sidney Curry’s return from an ankle sit out.

He was 6/6 from the field. 13 points. 7 rebounds. Strong.

Putting him on the court along with Malik makes sense. The latter likes to roam. The former likes to carve out territory underneath.

* * * * *

Mason Faulkner had 7 assists.

U of L was -8 on second chance tallies.

The visitors misfired for 29% shooting from the field (19/65).

Cards D? Eagles ineptitude?

Probably, to be honest, more of the latter.

But a victory by whatever means necessary was the goal.

* * * * *

It was far from a beauteous performance.

But, it was a V I C T O R Y/ That’s the Cardinal Battle Cry.

Next: Notre Dame. A Russdiculous W would be mahvelous.

— c d kaplan