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Louisville-Boston College game delayed by Yum Center roof leak

When it rains ...

Duke v Louisville Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

You really and truly couldn’t write this shit and make it semi-believable.

Louisville’s Wednesday night home game against Boston College has been delayed due to a leak in the KFC Yum Center roof that has resulted in an accumulation of water on the arena’s court.

The jokes, as you might expect, are currently flying fast and freely all over social media.

As I write this, U of L has stated that the game is at least 30 minutes away from being able to be played. There’s also no guarantee that we’re even going to get a tip-off this evening.

Look, it’s time for the Galt House to step up. This team thrives in a ball room/conference room setting, and it’s time to make that setting our permanent home for the remainder of the season.

If that can’t happen, I think the only just thing to do is cancel the remainder of the season and remove all the prior losses from this team’s record. Unfair to these kids if anything else transpires.

Hope the adults do the right thing.

UPDATE: The game will tip-off at 8:17 p.m.