What are the chances of seeing Jurich back at UofL?

I know a lot of us have thought about it. I have heard people speaking up about it lately. There is even a billboard out there asking for the BOT to rehire him. What do you all think the possibility is of him being rehired? Or do you know of any other names that have shown up in the conversations? I know people don’t want to be reminded about what happened a few years ago but I truthfully feel like rehiring Jurich would get us back on our feet. I just didn’t think it was fair for us to lose him over one sport causing problems when there are 20 others out there that were going great. We need to find a President who will stick around and actually care about UofL and rehire Jurich because we know he already cares. Any opinions welcome. I am just tired of not feeling relevant in our sports. I have lost lots of interest I used to have.