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The Cardinal Countdown: 1 Day Until Kickoff

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 29 Florida State at Louisville Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

#1 Jordan Watkins

Class: Freshman

Ht/Wt: 5-11/175

Position: Wide Receiver

Hometown: Louisville, KY (Product of Butler High School)

Twitter: @jordantwatkins

Thoughts: When doing the countdown I almost feel as if each post is like a one of my kids. I spend time with it, I try and nurture it, I try and form it into a nice and respectable thing, but mostly I just try my hardest not to screw it up. The coach speak is that each post/player gets equal attention and I like them all the same. The reality is that I have some favorite players and guys I cheer for to do well over other guys. J-Dub is one of those guys. I’m sorry, I can’t be perfect.

Last year Watkins had minimal expectations from most fans as he was sitting a couple deep on the depth chart and we had some high caliber receivers taking the majority of the snaps. Watkins did work his way into a starting position a few times which was good to see but never got overly involved in the offense outside a of a few series. While his frame may lead one to believe they would try and play Jordan in a slot or inside position Satterfield has made it clear Watkins can play outside and he will play outside the majority of the time. We saw flashes last year of his ability to catch the ball and make plays but his lone TD of the season actually came on an end around where he got to show off the jets and then hit the crowd with the famous hand signal…

Here’s hoping Jordan hits a few different teams with that “502” before the year is over.

While we all wait eagerly to see who the guy will be to step up this year in that room I’m secretly hoping Watkins is the guy that turns into a stud within the first 2-3 games. If it’s Marshall, or Smith, or Huggins-Bruce I won’t be upset, but it’s always a good feeling to see the local kid (especially a southend-er) get some love. Watkins could be a big boost on the field but as of right now he could be a growing star off the field as well as he kicks off a weekly podcast this year as part of a new NIL agreement with a local website. I’ll be listening, but more importantly I’ll be watching and waiting to see if JW can become the star I think he will.

Sweet Tweet:

This is a non-politcal take so save the comments for Facebook...but watching games the last couple days it’s been awesome seeing stadiums back to what they used to be pre-COVID at Va Tech, Wisconsin, etc. The tradition in college football is unmatched. Nothing else like it.