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The Best of Louisville Live 2021

A success all the way around.

@GoCards on Twitter

By all accounts, Louisville Live 2021 at Churchill Downs was a smashing success on Saturday.

I know fans who weren’t able to make it out to the racetrack were disappointed that the event wasn’t streaming anywhere, but hopefully that’s something that can be rectified in the future. And even if it isn’t, let’s be real, this is an event that’s for recruiting first and foremost. As long as it goes smoothly and the potential future Cards in attendance are impressed, the folks in charge of putting the event on are going to be pleased. As they should be.

Here’s a glimpse at the best from Louisville Live’s debut at Churchill Downs:

—This pic is unbelievable and pretty much encapsulates why you move this event to this type of setting.

—El Ellis’ contest-winning dunk was absurd.

—Noah Locke took home the 3-point shooting contest crown.

—These unis are so bad ass.

—I’m less crazy about the women’s unis, but they still brought the heat, as did Angel McCoughtry.

—Hailey Van Lith claimed the 3-point shooting belt on the women’s side.

—Chris Mack — whose son Brayden rocked a matching red jacket — delivered a definitive message to the fan base.

—He also talked about his 6-game suspension publicly for the first time.

—Recruits seemed to come away awfully impressed.

—Based on social media, I’d say Trez took selfies with approximately 9,000 fans this weekend.

—Overall, an incredible success.