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Final: Louisville 42 - Central Florida 35

Cardinals defeat Golden Knights

UCF v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Looking ahead at the schedule I think most UofL fans were worried about the remaining schedule. Especially after Louisville fans saw the way that the Cards performed against EKU and Ole Miss, the game against the UCF Golden Knights was expected to be a difficult challenge as the Golden Knights came to town as a 6.5-point favorite.

After Dillon Gabriel tied the game at 35-35 with a 6-yard scramble and with 1:21 left on the clock, it looked like Louisville was going to have a shot at a game-winning drive. Unfortunately, that was thwarted by the Golden Knights when they picked off Malik Cunningham near midfield. But with 25 seconds left in the game Jaylin Alderman intercepted the ball and ran it back for the outrageous go ahead touchdown.

WIth UCF recently submitted their application to be a member of the Big 12, it’s safe to say that Louisville can claima qausi-Big 12 win over a more than difficult G5 opponent. And a win like this over a quality opponent is exactly what the team, Scott Satterfield, and the fans all needed. To come away from this game with a victory sparks hope and excitement for the future of this program and the season. I wrote earlier this week that Louisville was at crossroads: Win and things can get better, but lose and things could go south quickly like they did in 2018. The team showed fire all night and responded to blow after blow with their own big punches. It was something we haven’t seen from a Louisville football team in a long time and it was tremendous to see.

Lastly, a win like this over not only a quality opponent, but one of the most hilariously obnoxious fanbases (AND IN DRAMATIC FASHION), is as sweet as it gets.

Best of luck to the Golden Knights moving forward, but thank goodness the Cardinals pulled out the win towards the end of the game.