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Scott Satterfield pleased with second scrimmage

Louisville v Miami Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Scott Satterfield spoke with the media following the Louisville football team’s second scrimmage of fall camp. You can see the video here, or read the transcript below.

(On his takeaways from the second scrimmage)

This scrimmage was a little bit more controlled. What we were trying to do throughout the scrimmage, we hit on every special team today. We got all four: kickoff, kickoff return, punt, punt return - ones and twos, so everybody got reps with that. Then we did field goals and PATs as the scrimmage went along. We didn’t necessarily hold any anybody today, but we did put some guys in a jersey where they were not getting tackled. We had Braden Smith, and (Marshon) Ford, and Justin Marshall, Hassan Hall, those are some of the names that we had in orange jerseys where they wouldn’t get tackled. They still played, they still got thudded up and all that, I just didn’t want them to get brought to the ground, for obvious reasons. Josh Minkins actually got some time today. We put him in an orange jersey, so he was out there flying around, doing some good stuff at safety. He really got cut loose a couple of days ago to get more reps, so that’s good to see him back in the mix. We’re two weeks before we start the season, good to see. Cunningham got some reps today-we ended up running today, I think, right around 98 plays. That was a kind of a difference, we ran on 50 more plays last Saturday. But with the special teams, I think that cut down some of those reps, and some of the guys didn’t get as many. CJ Avery, Monty Montgomery, YaYa Diaby they didn’t get as many reps. Some of those older guys that we know are ready to go, and we didn’t need to see them. We wanted to see a little bit more of the two group, three group, four group, some of those guys down the line. Get them a lot of reps, and really coach off of that film, because we know those guys are ultimately going to be able to get in there and play and help us.

(On what he saw out of the running backs group in the second scrimmage)

I thought Hassan (Hall) ran hard. It’s frustrating, because there was times today he’s like, “Coach I had a first down or I scored”. When they don’t get tackled, they think they can still run, which I get that. But he did some good things. (Trevion) Cooley I thought did some really good things, he’s coming along strong. He’ll be a contributor this year, no question about it for us, he’s had a great camp. He’s got a great combination of size and power, he’s a 206/208 pound back, but he can go. His vision has been good, he can catch the ball out of the backfield, he’s protected well, he’s done a lot of great things, so he’ll play. He’s gonna be in the rotation. The good thing about our backs, I love the camaraderie in our running back room. I know we got five or six guys, and they all can play, and they all have a unique ability, but yet at the same time, they’re pulling for each other, and you see that on the sideline. I love that. Sometimes in that room, that’s not the case, but that is this year. I just love the attitude of that room.

(On how the offense looked as a whole in the second scrimmage)

I thought they did did much better today. The offense, the first drive, took it down and scored a touchdown. I think it was a seven or eight play drive to get that in there. Throughout the scrimmage, I thought they did some really good stuff. I thought Cunningham played well today. Decision making was good, got rid of the football, made some big plays. I thought it was probably more of a well balanced scrimmage when you look at it from that perspective, offense and defense. Although it’s hard to really say-you can say, “well, we didn’t score until the 100th play or whatever, but when we’re out there playing, we’re just calling plays on offense. We’re not trying to scheme the defense or anything, we’re not looking at it in that regard. Sometimes, we’re calling plays because I want to see a certain player touch the ball, or I want to see how our tight end’s going to do in this particular block. Some of that gets misconstrued when you look at that, even across the country. Most coaches are trying to just look at certain players in certain things, and not necessarily trying to go out there and just score. I don’t put a lot of stock into some of that, but I do know what you see, and how guys do perform-where we are in this particular point in time, when we’re almost two weeks out before we play, I feel good about our first units, really all the way across the board, offense, defense and kicking game. I think we do have a lot of players that can help in the teams. We got a lot of team speed. I really love how we have some young guys, but they can run, and they’re there in the mix. We had a walkthrough yesterday, and went through all four phases, ones and twos, and they were so in tune. Everybody was intent on what they had to do. A lot of times you don’t get that, particularly when you’re looking at the 10th practice in camp on a walkthrough, but the focus was there. I really liked that, I really appreciated that from our guys, and it just tells you they’re in tune to what’s happening.

(On if he expected the wide receiver room to be spread out in 2021)

Yeah, I think so. We got confidence in several of the guys. It’s kind of the frontline guys that you guys all know, and we’ve talked about. Then a guy like (Jaelin) Carter, who’s come on really strong in the last couple of days, and he got some more opportunities today. (Ahmari) Huggins is another guy that’s going to get a lot of opportunity this year. He’s a playmaker. He’s got great speed and got great hands, so he’ll play some ball, and we’ll see how we end up mixing him in. There’s probably eight guys out there that we feel comfortable about, that can go in a football game and make plays for us. They’re coaxed to go out and make plays. The way we coach them right now, we’re putting them in every situation. Sometimes it looks helter skelter out there, but these guys are going out and making plays because we know the games are going to be a lot easier for them. When we start game planning, and we tell them, “hey, when you’re in this position, here’s the route you’re running or here’s how you block”, it’s gonna be more specific. They do a lot better with that. I’m in really encouraged by the guys and how they’re making plays. I feel good about it. To your point, there could be any number of five or six guys that can get their number called at any point in time, so they’re all gonna have to be ready. Which I think is a good thing. They got to be ready, but the defense has to be ready, too.

(On Jaelin Carter’s recent emergence in camp)

He just got here just last semester, so it’s kind of, for him, it’s been a learning curve. We’ve tried to throw him in there and learn a lot of things, but he does have a lot of ability. He’s got a great size. I mean, you take his shirt off, he is rocked up. He has a very mature body, he’s got really good hands, and he is fast. I’ll tell you what else he does, he practices fast. We track all our players with the catapult system, and he’s one of these guys that are practicing really, really fast, and he’s going for a long period of time. He’s a guy who I really think will benefit once we start narrowing everything down and game plan, and figure that out then. He’s going to be in the mix. He’s not scared to mix it up blocking, and he can knock the top off. We saw the other day in practice when he made a great catch, I think we put it out on social media when he went over the top of somebody made that catch. He’s got a lot of ability.

(On the backup QB battle between Evan Conley and Brock Domann)

I think Evan’s really played well the last week. I thought yesterday was his best day of camp. I think he maybe had three incompletions yesterday, for the whole day, as well as the ones that we charted. I feel really good about him. He came out today, and played really good again. Made some good decisions, did some good things, so we feel good about Evan Conley. He’s played ball, he’s won us a few games two years ago. There’s a lot of confidence in Evan, we’ve all talked about how much he’s respected on this football team. He’s established himself, no question about it, as the number two guy. I wouldn’t hesitate to put him in, he’s a guy that can play for us, and our guys know that he can. I got a lot of confidence in him.