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DePaul Day is back

Mother of God.

DePaul Day is back.

Just typing those words sent a jolt of life through my body that I thought had left forever eight years ago.

The Louisville men’s basketball team will host the DePaul Blue Demons for a contest at some point during the 2021-22 season. The two teams will then square off at Wintrust Arena in Chicago during the 22-23 season.

For the uninitiated, DePaul Day used to be a big day around here. It was the day that we all took a break from our standard lives as stressed out Louisville basketball fans, and took comfort in the knowledge that the Cardinals have never, ever lost to the Blue Demons on the court. Never. Not once. 1,789-0.

There’s a longer explanation here

By 2013, we had students celebrating the day with house decorations, Russ Smith openly discussing DePaul Day in his postgame comments, the official university account tweeting about it, and Sean Moth wishing 22,000 fans at the Yum Center a “happy DePaul Day.” Then Louisville left the Big East, and the celebration ended.

Now, we’re f’ing back. D-Day tailgate starts right now.