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Thursday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

Happy draft day from Don.

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—It’s NBA draft night, and the CJ’s Shannon Russell writes about the evening ahead for both David Johnson and Carlik Jones.

—Jeff Greer’s latest Floyd Street Tribune newsletter focuses entirely on Louisville basketball’s current recruiting efforts.

—Sam attacking with his left hand is nice to see.

—Class of 2023 recruit Caleb Foster remains high on Louisville.

—Jeff Nunn over at Cardinal Sports Zone makes the argument for Ibn Green having his jersey honored.

—Churchill Downs has $200m worth of plans in the works.

—The best classrooms look like this.

—Justin Thomas had some putting issues on the first day of his quest for Olympic gold.

—Louisville Report previews tonight’s NBA draft from a Cardinal perspective.

—State of Louisville projects the NBA draft fates of David Johnson and Carlik Jones.

—City likes the draft.

—The CJ’s countdown of the 30 most important Cardinal football players for 2021 hits No. 7.

—Happening 10 years ago today around these parts: Bilal Powell was getting some love in Times Square, Louisville’s relationship with Rodney Purvis was the hot topic of conversation, and I decided not to go back to law school. Somehow, things were still simpler.

—Wherever you go, there you are ... or something.

—Cardinal Authority has a photo gallery of the Louisville men’s basketball staff on the summer recruiting circuit.

—Because things weren’t annoyingly bizarre enough already, the Big 12 sent ESPN a cease and desist letter on Wednesday.

—ESPN has responded.

—Pro Insight remains high on David Johnson despite the fact that he’s unlikely to hear his name called during the first round tonight.

Q: Most underrated prospect? (@prestons_11, IG)

Before these past couple of weeks I would’ve said Jaden Springer, and while that’s still probably my preferred answer, the steam he’s gained has me wanting to give a more off-the-wall response. Give me David Johnson, a guy who may not get picked in the top 45, who I view as a fringe lottery talent. I feel like a broken record saying this, but multi-positional players with good size who think the game quickly and creatively, are able to create out of closeouts, and defend on and off the ball are requisite pieces for championship teams. Having a stable of these types of players who each add their own flavor to surround more prolific scoring talents is a great way to vault a team into contention, and Johnson is someone whose feel, passing, shooting, and length make him an awesome choice in this year’s draft to fill this exact niche. He doesn’t have the star upside of some players mocked ahead of him, but I absolutely love the skillset he brings to the table in his frame, and think he’d be an exceptionally useful player for a team looking to build towards the playoffs.

—Dez Fitzpatrick is making plays at Titans camp.

—Lou City scored a 2-1 victory Wednesday night.

—And finally, we’ll have an open thread for the draft tonight because what the hell else is going on? Go David, go Carlik.