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The Cardinal Countdown: 41 Days Until Kickoff

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 05 Georgia Tech at Louisville Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

#41 Isaac Martin

Class: RS Junior

Ht/Wt: 6-1/250

Position: Tight End

Hometown: Louisville, KY (Product of Trinity High School)

Twitter: @IkeMan98

Thoughts: Martin has been a mainstay in the backfield since Satterfield arrived on campus, taking on some traditional tight end duties but also spending some time in the H-back position, acting more often than not as a battering ram lead blocker. Martin appeared in all twelve games in 2019 and all eleven last year and I fully anticipate a healthy Martin to play in all 13 (yes, thirteen) games this season.

While Marshon Ford was nursing a shoulder injury this spring Martin got a ton of reps at H-back taking over first team duties. While the RS Junior has plenty of experience getting those reps with the new play caller (Satterfield) will hopefully pay dividends during the fall and into the start of year. Martin is one of those old school guys who doesn’t hesitate to put a hat on a hat, and even though he doesn’t wear a huge neckroll I feel like he should adopt one in 2021. Not only can he inflict pain, but who expects the neckroll guy to roll out into the flats, grab a ball, and chug for 30 yards downfield? Martin is the perfect “yang” to Marshon Ford’s “yin”, and as much as I don’t like talking about another man’s yang, I enjoy what Martin brings to the team and the H-back position.

Sweet Tweet:

Martin is one of a handful of players who have already taken advantage of the NIL policy change from earlier this month. I know there are differing opinions on the topic but I’ll say I’m happy some of these young guys cans make an extra dollar or two off their name while they can. Some Louisville “greats” disappear into the oblivion only a couple seasons after they graduate, nice to see them get some benefit at a time they are most popular within the city.


#41 Ramon Puryear

Class: RS Freshman

Ht/Wt: 6-3/255

Position: Defensive Line

Hometown: Louisville, KY (Product of Eastern High School)

Twitter: @RamonPuryear8

Thoughts: Not only do we have two #41’s this year but both hail from the city of Louisville, both were walk-ons, and both enjoy driving people into the ground. When the media guide broke last week and I spent some time going through the depth chart the only real eyebrow raise from me was seeing Puryear as the starter on the end instead of Tabarius Peterson, and that’s no knock on Puryear, I think many just assumed the vet would land in that spot. Ramon played in all eleven games last year and even got a few starts when the line was thinned out due to pandemic induced roster depletion. The freshman Puryear has added around 10 pounds since the end of last year and it’s obvious the coaches like his potential off the edge.

While we all know the media guide depth chart is about as accurate the preseason projections for Kentucky basketball the fact that Puryear was in that spot at all is a good sign of the depth the staff thinks they have on the ends.

Puryear is a good sized defensive end who has some speed and did well last season in not making any big mistakes, which is always goal number one for a freshman. A bit more size and a bit more film study could reap big rewards for Ramon, and if he holds onto the starting spot we could see a three-four year starter from right here in ‘The Ville’.

Sweet Tweet:

Puryear retweeted this and it made me laugh. Heart and mind of lineman for sure. Bring that zoot suit riot nonsense in the middle of the field and prepare to get a free flight on ‘Rocketship Ramon’