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Louisville Releases 2021 Football Media Guide

For the second year in a row, with a little digging around on the old ‘Go Cards’ website, I just so happened to “uncover” the 2021 Louisville Football Media Guide prior to any official release from the University. You’re welcome.

The cover this year features a cornucopia of athlete's who look to get the Cards back on track in 2021.

While covers are cool and reading through it will occupy the next week and a half of my life, lets get to the meat and potatoes of what folks are looking for when these bad boys come out each year, and that's the projected depth chart heading into the fall.

I’ll let Keith take a stab at breaking this down further but overall very few surprises for me. Lots of guys we heard out of the spring that had earned spots looked to have kept them and a few freshman who we thought would have a shot to play early have positioned themselves well. A few noteworthy items:

  • Puryear at the starting DE spot over Peterson
  • Ben Perry looking to earn the starting spot as a Freshman at SS
  • Newcomer Mark Vassett listed as starting Punter
  • Trevor Reid adding 18lb from last year, up to 303lb
  • Luke Kandra adding 17lb since arriving on campus, sitting at 309lb
  • Desmond Daniels adding 23lb from what he was previously listed, now at 270lb
  • Jordan Watkins (as noticed in promo video) added 19lb
  • Dez Tell has added 10lb, bulking up to play NT
  • Yaya adding 18lb since last year, now at 273lb
  • Ashton Gillotte, fighting for starting spot on the end was listed at 212 out of high school, now at 253 (+41) Woah.
  • Ben Perry was listed at 170lb, and is now carrying 201lb around the secondary.

Plenty of more nuggets to come in the future I’m sure....

Happy Media Guide Day!!!