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2020-21 LCPT Quarterfinals: Selection Committees vs. Mitch Barnhart

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One spot in the semifinals remains.

This one probably should have been the championship.



—The NCAA men’s basketball tournament selection committee made Louisville the first team left out of March Madness despite the Cardinals being included in 94 percent of the mock brackets on the internet.

—The NCAA baseball tournament selection committee also left Louisville on the wrong side of the bubble.

—A Louisville team was not selected for participation in The Basketball Tournament despite meeting all of the event’s criteria.




—2009 LCPT champion and 2008 LCPT runner-up.

—Chaired the Selection Committee that made Louisville the first team left out of the men’s basketball tournament.

—Appeared on the NCAA Tournament Selection Show immediately following the release of the bracket and gave a rambling, incoherent answer when asked about U of L’s exclusion.

—Continued to participate in various other standard Mitch Barnhart things.

Last spot in the Final Four is up for grabs. Polls close in 24 hours.


Who was less cool in 2020-21?

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  • 51%
    Selection Committees
    (236 votes)
  • 48%
    Mitch Barnhart
    (222 votes)
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