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The Cardinal Countdown: 70 Days Until Kickoff

Louisville v Florida International
Big Bad John Miller
Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

#70 Trevor Reid

Class: Junior

Ht/Wt: 6-5/285

Position: Offensive Line

Hometown: Griffin, GA

Twitter: @trevorreid70

Thoughts: When we sit back, drinking a cold beverage and reflecting upon the season in January of 2022 the performance of the offensive line will be something that is noteworthy, in one way or another. Either the line responds well to the new coaching and utilizes the depth they have built up to become one of the best groups on the team, or they perform so-so and the turnstile spins as we look to find the right five each week. If I’m dropping a few Monopoly dollars on it, I’d say it’s the former over the latter, and one Mr. Trevor Reid is a key to that assumption.

Reid joined the cards last year out of JUCO and was a bit “unpolished” in a few areas, specifically relating to the run game. The bad news for Reid is that Satterfield loves to run the football, and if you’re not top notch in that part of the game it’s tough to consistently be on the field. Physically he was fine, but Satterfield said the mental side of the game was a touch overwhelming for him at the P5 level. This meant Adonis Boone was playing a lot of left tackle last year, which was okay, but having another athlete like Reid on the line would have allowed him to play another position and put five solid guys out there each week. So what about 2021, is he ready? Well, sitting here right now 70 days out from kickoff, Reid wowed the staff during the spring and took home a “most improved” title leaving camp. According to Satt they threw him in at LT, told him to perform, and he worked through a lot of the mental hurdles from last season to make a solid mark heading into the summer. If he takes that next step it makes the offensive line a real force in the ACC and bolsters Reid into a potential All-ACC type player.

The staff is unquestionably pushing Reid to be the starter this year at LT and establish himself as a consistent contributor over the next two seasons. We’ve all seen the Reid backflip video and some of his 40 times, and vertical leap but weights, nutrition, and film will make up about 90% of Trevor’s summer. There is no denying he has the athleticism to be a stud up front, and if he can connect the pieces when it comes to execution, knowing the playbook, etc he’s another lineman from Louisville we’ll see playing on Sundays.

Sweet Tweet:

It’s amazing what something like becoming a parent can do to your perspective on things. I’m not saying becoming a father is what flipped the switched for Reid during spring camp, but I’m also not saying it wasn’t a piece of it either. Congratulations to Trevor and his family and happy belated Father’s Day to all the CC pops out there. I’ve got a hunch this little guy will be a big fan of Daddy’s pancakes.