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The Cardinal Countdown: 82 Days Until Kickoff

North Carolina v Louisville Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

#82 Victor Mullen

Class: Freshman

Ht/Wt: 6-7/250

Position: Tight End

Hometown: Ottawa, IL

Twitter: @MullenVic

Thoughts: If the Cards were looking for a large young man to potentially come in and try fill the void left at tight end by the 6-4/255 Ean Pfeifer….I’d say the 6-7/250 Vic Mullen is a decent start.

Vic was a target of the Cards in early 2019 and Coach Holt was able to hold off some Power 5 competition late to get his man. Mullen was targeted to come in and be used mainly as a blocker up front as his size is tough to match and his experience playing some defensive end in high school shows he is not shy about contact or finding a man to hit. Vic will be the tallest guy in the locker room this year along with fellow freshman Caleb Banks and will be Top 20 in weight as well. That size for a true freshman is nothing to scoff at, and could give him some looks at early PT for sure.

While the goal for Mullen isn’t to come in and be a huge threat in the passing game immediately I’m not opposed to running the ‘Megatron’ play a few times for the big man near the endzone, especially if they try and put a 5-10 corner on him in space. Mess around and give that poor Wake Forest DB one of these…

Check out Vic in action last year doing some blocking, some catching, and chasing down QBs against Princeville, which I assume is on the banks of Lake Minnetonka.

Sweet Tweet:

Vic is currently on twitter lockdown because the Illinois native tweeted** “Go Cubs Go, how’d that sweep taste over the weekend St. Louis?!” A man of my own heart.

**He didn’t really tweet this but I saw an opening and I took it. I have no clue why he’s suspended but seems pretty on brand right now for the program. He’ll fit right in. Welcome aboard Vic.