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The Cardinal Countdown: 87 Days Until Kickoff

NCAA Football: Louisville at North Carolina Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

***Only 13 days in and you guys get a double scoop of players already?!? Ladies and gentleman….the weekend.***

#87 Tyler Harrell

Class: RS Sophomore

Ht/Wt: 6-0/194

Position: Wide Receiver

Hometown: Miami, FL

Twitter: @EasyMoneyTy_

Thoughts: While it may still be disputed in the locker room, the official ‘Cardinal Countdown’ opinion has been formed, and my man Ty is the winner for “fastest man on the team, 2021”. He was already top 3 before the season started but Satterfield dropped this little nugget back in April and placed the crown firmly on the head of the Miami native…

So we know he’s fast, but that speed doesn’t always equate to major PT, so how is Harrell going to get on the field? Well after a redshirt season, and then limited production behind some studs….and then limited production behind some studs, again, now as a “Sophomore” he has finally paid some dues, waited his turn, and will have a shot to get some real reps in a group of wideouts that may not be as praised as groups past but a group I think can be solid.

Most point to Tyler as lining up on the outside, likely sitting behind a Justin Marshall or Jordan Watkins heading into the fall. Why is a 6’ guy lining up on the outside, you may ask? Well, that highlights one of my concerns this year in that room because there are 11 guys at wideout on the projected roster and 7 of them are 6’ or shorter. My wife tells me size isn’t everything (I’m 6’…get your head out of the gutter) but it would be nice to have some more height at this position, and word on the ‘skreets’ is Satterfield is still looking to pull in a wideout from the transfer portal this summer. Maybe he’s looking too many guys right in the eyes when he’s talking to them, if you catch my drift, and will hopefully fill that spot with a non-vertically challenged ball catcher.

Since we can’t change those numbers now we work with what we got, and Ty has shown on the few opportunities he’s had that he can make some plays split out or on special teams, and even coming out of the spring Satterfield highlighted him as one of the most improved players on Offense. Having a guy like Harrell in the two deep at minimum is nice for sure, but would love to see us use some of that speed early and often.

Sweet Tweet:

My man knows what’s up. Second photo, full view of the sink, and he’s rocking with the blue Dawn like all true gangsters do. A little tip, go check out that spray foam from Dawn for built on grease, Ty…game changer.


#87 Christian Pederson

Class: Freshman

Ht/Wt: 6-3/230

Position: Tight End

Hometown: Burlingame, CA

Twitter: @ChristianPed87

Thoughts: The Cards went out west (virtually) and snagged another solid tight end from Juniperro Serra High School in the form of Christian Pederson. I watched some film on Pederson, including the clip below, and really feel in love with his game. I’m a sucker for lineman and tight ends to begin with but Pederson was out there on the West Coast doing some grown man work both in the passing game and in the run game as a blocker. His size allows him to likely play either a true tight end spot (Y) or the H back in the Satterfield offense. We saw how key that position is with the emergence of Marshon Ford a couple seasons back and I think they can utilize it even more with a player like Pederson who has some real familiarity with the offensive scheme and it’s afraid to put a hat on a hat.

His size (6-3/230) is a great start for a “kid” who hasn’t been exposed to a Power 5 nutrition program or weight room (what are they feeding those kids out there). The Cards have stacked up a few bodies at tight end the last couple seasons but as I noted above that’s really two or three positions they are looking to fill (Y/H) with some high level talent. If Pederson doesn’t see the field much this year (I think he will) look for a redshirt because I believe he has the skill to be a 3-4 year starter in the right situation.

Sweet Tweet:

Time to reinstitute mandatory training for all incoming recruits on the proper “throwing of the L” technique. That coach in the fourth picture….come on, bro. You ain’t even trying.