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Thursday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

Cardinal kids across the Commonwealth are fired up after hearing today’s Jarrod West press conference.

—The details of the proposed College Football Playoff expansion are here. The new playoff would include 12 total teams: The six highest-ranked conference champions and six at-large teams. The four highest-ranked conference champions would receive a bye, while the other eight teams would play quarterfinal games on New Year’s Day at on-campus sites.

Pending approval (which will happen), the earliest the new playoff could go into effect would be following the 2023 regular season.

You’re never going to get universal approval on something like this, but I think it sounds awesome. Also, it’s amazing how quickly a major college sports move can happen when the NCAA — which has no control over the College Football Playoff — is removed from the equation.

—Grad transfer guard Jarrod West says he’s ready to lead and compete for the Cards this season.

—Here’s the ACC’s official announcement on Wednesday’s NIL hearing:

The Autonomy Five Conferences thank Chair Maria Cantwell and Ranking Member Roger Wicker for today’s hearing and their determination to set a fair and enforceable national standard on NIL. Only Congress can pass a national solution for student-athlete NIL rights. The patchwork of state laws that begins on July 1 will disadvantage student-athletes in some states and create an unworkable system for others. As leaders in college athletics, we support extending NIL rights in a way that supports the educational opportunities of all student-athletes, including collegians in Olympic sports who comprised 80% of Team USA at the Rio games. We continue to work with Congress to develop a solution for NIL and expand opportunities.

—Louisville was supposed to be facing Ole Miss LB Jacquez Jones in its regular season opener. After his transfer to Kentucky, they’ll now be facing the Rebels’ leading tackler from 2020 in their regular season finale.

—Adam Duvall is still launching bombs.

—Bo Schembechler knew about years and years of sexual abuse within the Michigan football program and did nothing, even when his own stepson was involved. His legacy should be forever tarnished.

—St. X DE Micah Carter (2023) recaps his visit to U of L.

—Jeff Greer answers reader questions in his latest newsletter.

If Louisville adds another player, will it be a big man? — Charlie W.

Not likely, no. The Cards still have their eyes open and would like to add another piece, but the priority is another playmaker, and that’s likely to be a guard. The question is, who is still out there? Time is running out: Any transfers hoping to move schools and immediately play must do so before July 1. Anyone who switches schools after that must sit out the season.

Louisville likes its options up front. Malik Williams is healthy and returning to workouts, and while there is certainly reason for caution, having the fifth-year senior in the mix through this offseason is a huge boost. Chris Mack has said a few times the goal is to make sure — to the best of their ability — Louisville’s staff keeps Williams in good shape to play a key role late in the season.

Mack also said on The Drive with Mark Ennis and Luke Hancock last week that freshman big man Roosevelt Wheeler arrived in excellent shape. If Wheeler can help off the bench, that helps both his development and Williams’s body. Beyond that, I’d imagine the third option at center is a combination of Jae’Lyn Withers and a small-ball lineup or Gabe Wiznitzer, depending on how his summer goes.

Instead, if there is an addition, look to the backcourt. El Ellis and Jarrod West are both playmakers, but the more creators the better for any team. Always try to insure against injuries or an individual player slumping.

—The Louisville TBT team is still trying to raise funds.

—U of L’s Albert Kosgei finished 18th in the semifinals of the 3000m Steeplechase Wednesday evening at the 2021 NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships.

—Future Card?

—Riley Gates of 247 Sports predicts four ACC wins for Louisville football in 2021.

—Former Louisville swimmer Grigory Tarasevich has been added to the Russian Olympic team.

—Top Golf is moving forward with its plans to (finally) come to Louisville.

—Ans finally, it’s Game Two for Donovan Mitchell and the Utah Jazz against the LA Clippers tonight. Tip-off is at 10 p.m. ET and ESPN has the coverage.