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Louisville F Quinn Slazinski is transferring

The Cards now have two open scholarships for the season ahead.

Virginia v Louisville Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images

After two seasons at Louisville, forward Quinn Slazinski announced Wednesday morning that he is entering the NCAA transfer portal.

“The city of Louisville has shown this kid from Houston so much love ever since I committed,” said Slazinski. ”I have appreciated everything and will take a piece of the Ville with me as I continue my college basketball career. I have decided it’s best for my career to enter the transfer portal.”

Slazinski started eight games for U of L this past season, and finished his sophomore campaign with averages of 6.2 points and 3.6 rebounds per game. He was expected to redshirt his first year as a Cardinal, but wound up appearing in 15 games where he scored a total of 15 points and grabbed 10 rebounds.

“We want to thank Quinn for his time at Louisville,” said U of L head coach Chris Mack in a statement. “He was a good ambassador of the program, worked hard on and off the floor and put his teammates first. We wish him all the best in his collegiate career moving forward.”

I’m going to miss the intensity both on the court and from the bench, the lack of fear, and of course, the Quinn face.

We’ll always have this sequence from the Kentucky game ...

This is where we talk about Quinn Slazinski.

In order to win a rivalry game where the talent level is at least comparable, I think you always need to have at least one or two guys who just don’t give a shit about the moment or the buzz or the other side or any of that stuff. That’s Quinn Slazinski. I’m sure he’s well aware that every scholarship player on Kentucky’s roster had a better recruiting ranking than he did, and that most of them are far more naturally gifted than he is. He doesn’t give a shit.

Slazinski came in for Williamson, buried a huge momentum shifting three from the corner, called Isaiah Jackson a “fuckboi,” got Jackson so mad that he demanded the ball on the next possession, goaded Jackson into an obvious charge, and then pointed at his head after both players fell to the court and the whistle was blown.

One of the biggest narratives about this game in recent years has been that while the fans hate one another, the players really don’t harbor that much animosity because most of them aren’t from the area and a lot of them became friends on the grassroots circuit. Well, Quinn Slazinski seems to hate Kentucky. Louisville was better for it on Saturday.

Best of luck to Quinn with whatever his next move is. We’ll always be fans.

Louisville now has two available scholarships to use for the 2021-22 season if Chris Mack chooses.