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The Cardinal Countdown: 100 Days Until Kickoff

Holdin’ It Down For a Decade

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 09 Louisville at North Carolina Photo by Brian Utesch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welp, ladies and gentlemen it’s that time of year once again in The ‘Ville. If you’re reading this, you likely fall into one of two categories:

1. CARDINAL COUNTDOWN!!!! That’s what I’m talking about! Football right around the corner, the best 100 days of the year.

2. Been there, read this. Let me know when the season starts.

If you’re in category number one, welcome back my beautiful, intelligent, faithful, readers to the best season on the calendar each and every year, #CountdownSzn. This year I’m celebrating season number 10 of doing ‘The Cardinal Countdown’ which is frankly just unreal in my brain, and difficult for me to even compute. Never imagined when I started this in 2012 that I’d move three times, live in a few different states, bring three kids into the world, or still be doing this over the course of the next decade, but here we are, and here you are still supporting the effort. As Mike has noted before ‘internet years’ are a vicious animal that can add up real quick so a big heart felt ‘thank you’ for those who have supported this series from the jump. You the real MVP (this is an outdated joke just to prove the whole “old man on the internet” thing).

For those of you who fall into category number two above let me be honest with you, at times over the last year I’ve been much closer to you than I have been to the first group, and since I’m the one actually writing these dang things that’s a tough one to admit. While that honesty may not be the best selling feature to get you to buy in and click on these links for the next 100 days there is no denying, we have seen some dark days in the past few months and last season didn’t leave a great taste in our mouths heading into 2021. It can actually be a bit tough to remember some of the things that happened last year and some of the things we have to look forward to, so what better way to prove I’m still young at heart and to get you amped up then to drop like 30 bars on you in preparation for the season. A rap, a poem, spoken word…read it however you feel, but just know that when you’re finished…the Countdown has officially begun. Year 10, baby. Let’s go.


There was no denying last season was a mess,

and the boys in red really struggled with the tests.

Tests on the field and tests up their nose,

Pandemics and Tech were both formidable foes.

Eight dubs in 2019, sure tough to best that,

But the win total had the top cut off likes Satt’s hat.

Without a doubt the overall record took a hurtin’

And when the season wrapped Satterfield did some flirtin’

But them Gamecocks, they really couldn’t nail that,

Satt threw them an ‘X’ on their text with the eggplant.

Fans were miffed, like “we brought y’all up to D-one,

were them locker room parties just fake fun?”

You got to forgive us with got some issues with commitment,

Head coaches come and go like UPS making shipments.

The fanbase is on edge, could really use some coddling,

Grasp for hope in little things, “his house is getting remodeling”

Other guys on staff out the coop they were flying,

Don’t bring up Coach Ledford, I’m not crying, you’re crying.

But seeing coaches roll out to bigger jobs is inspiring,

so Satt pulled in some up and comers and did some hiring.

Quarterbacks, running backs, and the O-line,

New direction, new techniques these coaches plan to apply.

The safeties also got some brand new blood at coach,

We’ll call him ‘general’ cause its from the Army he was poached.

Let’s shift our focus to the field and address some concerns,

We want a big play, a big play, and more folks getting burned.

Sure we got a few issues when dealing with ball security,

Lets hope a year under the belt translates to ball maturity.

Micale still leading the squad, people talking leash is short?

Mans was QBR #2 in ’19, go check reports.

He’s got the wheels and he’s proved he can make some throws,

But we lost some real weapons need him some Jimmy’s and Joe’s.

Recruiting took a hit with the staff’s wondering eyes,

But the Cards raked in the transfer portal, to many’s surprise.

We pulled an All-Conference safety and at 225 the mans is thick,

His first name is Duncan but you can call him Mr. Kenderick.

The Cards also pulled an O-lineman straight from Virginia Tech,

Bryan Hudson built like a house, with no signs of a neck.

A couple QBs and a Turner on the line,

for being in scramble mode they turned out just fine.

I like the depth the Cards are stacking up in the backfield,

And O-line’s got protection that rivals that of Cap’s shield.

Looking to avenge a tough season, it’s a bounce back story,

and The Oven is 100% filled, support is auditory.

I’m a bit biased in my fandom but would love to see a local kid,

put the Cards back in some headlines like Bush and Brohm did.

Love to see the Louisville blood get the big glow,

They even dropped my man J-Dub in the promo video.

I know this far out it’s tough to see anticipation growing,

But I promise if you read each day you more you’ll be knowing

about each player and how he helps the squad,

And when you see ‘em at the J-Mall can hit ‘em with a head nod.

I wont drop a prediction when we’re a hundred days out,

But I’ll say I’m more optimistic than I am filled with doubt.

We got question marks, for sure, in a couple of spots,

But I like our ‘haves’ more than I fear our ‘have nots’.

I dropped like 28 bars ‘cause I had tons to say,

But let me put a bow on it all stealing a few words from Jay

(record scratch)

Can I live?

I told y’all in twenty-twelve that I came to take the summer and I did,

I handled my biz, I scramble like Micale with his, Cunningham,

Man I hope this post does some numbers, man

Countdown held you down ten summers, damn…..where’s the love?