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Friday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

Michael Graves Jr. knows how to rep the Cards whenever he’s down in PCB.

—The Louisville baseball team opened its regular season-ending series with a 6-1 loss to Miami. The Cards have now lost eight of their last 12.

—Congrats to Louisville women’s basketball freshman forward Olivia Cochran, who will play with the USA 3x3 Women’s National Team in the Big Twelve International 3x3 Tournament from May 21-23 in Voiron, France.

—Louisville’s Kenderick Duncan (28) and Bryan Hudson (30) both land on the 247 Sports list of the 50 best transfers in college football for 2021.

—After years of rumors, it appears Louisville is finally getting a TBT team.

Shoutout to Keith Oddo for spearheading the effort.

—Jon Rothstein has Louisville at No. 43 in his updated “Rothstein 45” rankings for the 2021-22 college hoops season.

—Louisville native and current WBC Junior World Super Featherweight champion Carlos Dixon will take part in an eight-round bout at the Iroquois Ampitheater on July 2.

—Chris Mack continues to promise that playing at a faster pace is high on his list of priorities for next season.

—We’ve got fresh Mike James highlights:

—The CJ has an NBA Draft profile of David Johnson.

—The CJ also looks at how Scott Satterfield and Louisville football are preparing for an important June.

—NC State site The Wolfpacker previews the 2021 Cardinal football team.

—I talk about the Dino Gaudio stuff on the latest episode of Titus and Tate.

—Jeff Greer’s latest Floyd Street Tribune newsletter dives into who Ross McMains is and what his philosophy is.

First, let’s examine some of the primary offensive principles McMains has discussed and implemented. This is surely an incomplete list, but and this fascinating presentation via McMains’s hoops consulting company Efficient Sauce provide great insight into how he thinks. The above video, made by Basketball Immersion, also details the New Zealand national team’s offensive flow and prowess. It’s short — I highly recommend watching it.

McMains lists his three primary tenets of offense in the Basketball Immersion podcast: (1) The ball doesn’t stop — know what you’re doing before you get the ball and keep it moving; (2) one defender should never be able to guard two offensive players because of condensed spacing or lack of off-ball movement; and (3) get into space and out to space — attack gaps in the defense and immediately seek exit paths to new space when you no longer have the ball to allow the next teammate to attack the newly created space.

“Any offensive possession, as a coach, you’re trying to discern the best possible way every time your team gets the ball to gain an advantage,” McMains told the Basketball Immersion podcast. “An advantage meaning to put your team in a position of what I call ‘dominoes’ — the point of a closeout occurring, where whatever set play you call is off and now we’re just driving and kicking and spacing our way to turn a decent shot into a great shot.”

“A huge part of this is training your team,” McMains said, to reach the point where you not only create advantageous moments but also recognize them and attack them the right way. He uses this example of how things can go wrong: A defender scrambles on a long close out to a shooter, and there is now open space behind that defender. The new ballhandler can either confidently shoot over the charging defender or drive by him and create dominoes that lead to another good shot. But then one of the other offensive players runs into the space left by the scurrying defender, eliminating the advantage by bringing more bodies into that space. Advantage over.

—Cardinal Authority has a new U of L baseball recruiting notebook.

—Several have come close in recent years, but Henry Davis might very well be the first Louisville player taken No. 1 overall in the MLB Draft.

—Rick Bozich and Eric Crawford unpack the news of the last week in their latest WDRB Podcast.

—Athlon’s ACC football preview has no Louisville players on its First Team offense or defense, but Kei’Trel Clark (Second Team), Marshon Ford (Third Team), Cole Bentley (Third Team) and C.J. Avery (Third Team) do all make appearances.

—And finally, beat Miami.