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Louisville clears path to let Vince Tyra take Florida State job

At least something substantive has finally happened.

Notre Dame v Louisville

After two days of behind closed doors meetings that resulted in “no action taken” responses when all was said and done, the U of L board of trustees finally came back with something definitive on Wednesday.

After a 20-minute executive session, the board announced two amendments to the contract of athletic director Vince Tyra. The board eliminated both the clause in Tyra’s contract that prohibited him from going to another ACC school, as well as the one that required him to give 30 days notice before leaving his current position.

These moves, presumably, set the stage for Florida State to hire Tyra as its new athletic director within the next 24 hours.

For their service, Louisville was rewarded with .... nothing. They received zero compensation from Florida State for these amendments.

So now we at least know something: Vince Tyra will be Florida State’s next athletic director, and the announcement will most likely be taking place very soon.

Outside of that, we’re pretty much all still in the dark.

Beat DePaul.