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Dani Busboom Kelly is Card Chronicle’s 2021 Person of the Year

The Cardinal volleyball coach had a monster year and dominated the voting.

By virtue of earning a whopping 67 percent of the vote, Louisville volleyball coach Dani Busboom Kelly has been named Card Chronicle’s Person of the Year for 2021.

It was a monster 2021 for DBK, who began the year by leading the Cards to the Sweet 16 of the 2020 NCAA tournament, which was played in April because of Covid. She then assembled the greatest U of L volleyball team in history, one which won its first 32 matches before falling to eventual national champion Wisconsin in the program’s first Final Four.

Now, as a cherry on top, she has captured the most sought-after individual award in the city of Louisville.

Congrats to DBK on joining this list:

2007 - Tom Jurich
2008 - David Padgett
2009 - Vacant (we forgot to do it)
2010 - Charlie Strong
2011 - Charlie Strong and Preston Knowles (tie)
2012 - Tom Jurich
2013 - Teddy Bridgewater
2014 - Russ Smith
2015 - Kelsi Worrell
2016 - Lamar Jackson
2017 - Brendan McKay
2018 - Vince Tyra
2019 - Scott Satterfield
2020 - Jeff Walz
2021 - Dani Busboom Kelly

The race for 2022 CCPOY begins anew tomorrow.