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After the Buzzer: Wake Forest

Wake Forest v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Quick Hitters

-This team AND the fanbase needed a win and thankfully the Cards delivered on Wednesday night. It looked doubtful at times, but they kept fighting and came out with the W. HUGE!

-Shotclock malfunction? You just hate to see it. It’s almost like running two plays in football in three seconds. Clocks can be weird sometimes.

-Noah Locke…ONIONS! Having someone that will shoot 5/7 from three is a great weapon to have, especially with how he also moves without the ball and doesn’t just stand there and have to be wide open and set to get his shot off.

-Wake ended with 10 offensive rebounds and it felt like they all came on their first possession of the game. You have to clean that up or it will cost you a game later.

-I am a fan of the Sam Williamson that catches the ball on the run as he is about to curl and attack the basket. More of that. And when teams are ready for it and set up to take the charge, you pull up with the mid-range shot. Solid game for Sam, who added eight rebounds to his 12 points.

-Watching Jarrod West play defense is a treat. Don’t take that for granted.

-Sydney Curry only played six minutes but he made the most of them for sure. He had six points, two rebounds, and brought tons of toughness and energy. That is how you maximize the minutes you get. Very impressed with what he did.

-Speaking of energy, I loved what Mason Faulker was doing out there. He brings some swagger and is not afraid to shoot the ball from the point guard spot. He was only 3/10 but he got to the line six times, had four rebounds, and dished out five assists with zero turnovers.

-After the recent losses and then the pause, plus the dreadful end to football season, we just needed a win. It wasn’t always pretty, but it was an ACC win against a solid team. We take that and we move on.

-As always, thank you for reading and checking the film clips. Go Cards…Go Krogering!

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