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Khalib Johnson Signs With Louisville Football

Memphis v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images


OFFERS: Virginia Tech, Kansas, Louisiana, Utah State



No player in this class has grown on me more than Johnson. He has the talent to make the throws you need to make at this level but his accuracy and poise stood out as a senior. Playing for the top team in the state provided plenty of videos to watch this season and Khalib consistently made big throws down the field. Johnson can also run when needed but he is much more of a Teddy Bridgewater type of athlete. He can get you first downs but I don’t foresee him running the option.

Johnson has a big-time arm and he can make some very nice throws to the sideline because he can drive the football. On the season he threw for over 3,000 yards, completed 65% of his passes, and threw for 38 touchdowns with 6 interceptions.


Pete Thomas was named Quarterbacks Coach in January and Khalib was his first offer just a few days later. Johnson was obviously the guy that Thomas wanted and he landed the highest-rated composite quarterback since Jawon Pass. Johnson has held firm to his commitment and hasn’t taken any other visits since committing. As we know, that’s always important. Johnson has a very good chance of winning the backup job next year and will likely be in a position to replace Malik Cunningham in 2023.