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Chance Morrow Signs With Louisville Football

Boston College v Louisville Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images



OFFERS: Virginia Tech



Chance Morrow may just be the rawest prospect that I can remember Louisville signing. He is a former basketball player that hasn’t focused on football much until late in high school. He is the epitome of “lanky” at 6-5/185 with extremely long limbs. He also has a running style that I would describe as galloping. He actually resembles Randy Moss physically. Time will tell how he develops but Morrow has some skills that you can work with.


I made the Randy Moss comparison above because Gunter Brewer had five receivers on campus for an official visit at the same time and he took Morrow’s commitment on the spot. All of those receivers are signing with power five teams so Brewer has to hit on his pick. I won’t ever pretend to know more than Brewer, so we’ll see if his evaluation is correct. Morrow claimed offers from a whos-who of blue blood programs but Virginia Tech is the only offered that was verified. Morrow is easily the most interesting recruitment this class.