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After the Buzzer: Southern

Southern v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Quick Hitters

-We return with another season of After the Buzzer! Which season is this? I do not know. I should find out. Why am I typing this at 1 a.m. on Thursday night/Friday morning? Because you can’t review every game if you miss the first one, so here I am. It will be a condensed version all around between the quick hitters and film review. The Cards play tonight so no need to spend too much time on this one. Let’s go!

-Noah Locke was as good as advertised and knocked down some huge shots when the Cards needed them. I can hear Billy Madison saying “I’m glad I called THAT guy.”

-Matt Cross is a warrior and I think he may be that guy that if he is on your team, you love him. If he is not, you can’t stand him. Good thing he is one of our guys.

-Sam Williamson did not start, but 14 points and 14 rebounds were very nice. He also played the second most minutes on the team (27) so if you are concerned about who starts, I’d find other things to worry about. I am more focused on who plays the valuable and clutch minutes more than who is out there for the jump ball.

-Hey, the Cards pressed and forced turnovers. That was pretty cool.

-12 assists and 19 turnovers for the game. You would like to see those numbers reversed. Something to keep an eye on.

-As soon as Dre Davis released the three from the corner, you knew it was nothing but net or air. It was air. He struggled in this one.

-I really like Jarrod West so far and think he will be a great leader for the team.

-Just good to see Malik Williams out there playing a solid game and getting 24 minutes. The six points and 13 rebounds felt like icing on the cake of just having him on the floor.

-It wasn’t always pretty but it was a different head coach and a new offensive system. Take the win and learn from it and move on to the next.

-I said I’d keep it condensed, so let’s end there. As always, thanks for reading. Go Cards and Go Krogering!

Film Review