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What To Watch For: NC State Wolfpack

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 23 Boston College at Louisville Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images


NC State is very thin at Linebacker right now and Louisville has to take advantage. Isiah Moore was not only a super productive player but he was also the leader and the most experienced player on this defense. Not having him should help UofL tremendously on offense.

To me, I think it will be important for Louisville to run the ball well early in the game. We all know how important their running game is to sustaining drives and opening up play-action. I think in this game it will be more important to wear down the defense because State’s backups are mostly freshmen. If they have to bring in the younger guys it could lead to a lot of problems for the defense and a lot of opportunities for Malik Cunningham to put on a show.


The Louisville defense brought a ton of pressure last week and they did well to get home with that pressure and force poor throws from Dennis Grosel. While I think they should bring pressure this week, I also think they should utilize some blitz looks with players dropping back into passing lanes.

State likes to get the ball out quickly at times and what Louisville could do is jump those passing lanes to get pass breakups or interceptions. It could also confuse Devin Leary and force him to hold onto the ball. That gives the defense time to get to him. At the end of the day, Brown needs to mix things up this week to make the offense work harder to move the ball. Giving Leary a lot to look at and worry about might be the right move.


I’ve made it known how much I hate Lousiville’s persistent turnover issues but I tend to believe that last week’s four turnover performance was a fluke. Malik Cunningham has been very good throwing the deep ball this year and he just made a terrible throw on his long interception last weekend. The other interception was a very good play by the defender even though Malik stared him down. Sometimes the other team takes advantage of your mistakes.

The Wolfpack has forced most of their turnovers outside of their games against Power Five teams. They weren’t able to take advantage of the offensive struggles of Clemson or Boston College. Then Tyler Van Dyke went off for Miami last weekend. UofL should get back to taking care of the ball as well as having success taking chances down the field.