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Final: Louisville 28 - Boston College 14

Cards finally close out a win

Boston College v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Louisville finished the game nearly doubling up Boston College in total yardage and won in dominant fashion. For the first time I’m not sure how long, Louisville lost the turnover battle yet still won the game. Let’s see what Kelly Dickey has to say:

While the game finished as a two score win, it really never seemed in doubt after the Cards closed the first half 21-7. Malik Cunningham was his dominant self as he rushed for three touchdowns on his own. The Cards never let the Eagles have a chance to creep back into the game as the defense held them to less than 270 yards of total offense. It was the type of performance from the defense that fans had been looking for all season and the performance they provided was exactly what fans had been demanding since the collapses of the Wake Forest and the Virginia game. The Cards had three sacks on the day and were able to apply enough pressure to keep BC’s offense unstable and force them to make bad decisions as they threw two interceptions on the day.

It wasn’t a perfect game by any means, as the Cards lost the turnover battle, but they were able to allow their talent to show its superiority and never leave the game in doubt. After losing back-to-back games by a combined score of four points, most fans just wanted to see a superior team win a game based on talent alone. That’s what we got today, and it was great to see especially considering it wasn’t a perfect day.

That may be what I walk away most encouraged by: this wasn’t a perfect performance. This was a strong and clever offense we faced, despite them missing their starting quarterback, but the defense still never allowed them to get going and the offense scored enough to put the game out of reach.

It was an imperfect win, but it was the type of win you expect from a superior team on paper. Let’s fix a few small things and keep the momentum going forward as we prepare to face a Top-25 NC State team that’s not impossible to defeat if we can limit our self-inflicted mistakes.