Prediction Results

While I didn't get the large number of responses to my "Predict the Rest of the Season" post, the ones I did get were surprisingly consistent. It seems that most of us have the same general view of how the rest of the season will go.

I promised to report the results, so here you go.

BC @NCST Clem Syr @Duke UK
Bruce W L L W W L
Anonymous_Hero L L L W W L
Mike R W L L W W L
KC Cards L L W W L W
UL HotHot W L L W W L
Scorp W L L W W L
Cardstock W W L L W L

Put everything together, and you get the following predicted winning percentage for each game:

Loss Win Win %age
BC -2 5 71%
@NCST -6 1 14%
Clem -6 1 14%
Syr -1 6 86%
@Duke -1 6 86%
UK -6 1 14%

So there you have it -- pretty much everyone thinks we wind up 6-6. Or, as Mike said in his response, "6-6 and a freezing cold bowl game experience. No one is thrilled."

Comments welcome!