I'm beating a dead horse yes...

Bryan Brown

DC Bryan Brown

...but this horse needs it. Look at these numbers

  • Scoring Defense - 94th
  • Opponent 3rd Down Conversions -61st
  • Total Defense Yards Per Game -112th
  • Opp Red Zone Conversions - 126th
  • Opponent Long Scrimmage Plays 10+ yds - 123rd

I get the bend but don't break mentality - but if you're going to bend keep them out of the damn End Zone. There's the issue, we give up the big play, give up a ton of yards, and can't stop them from scoring. We aren't bend but don't break we are Olé defense.

And if we kept the foot on the gas we may have won. But there is little doubt in my mind we still would have let them back in the game and still could have lost as UVa would have gotten more touches if UofL had scored quickly. Think Wake in 2019. UofL was up 28-7 if memory serves and we all know what happened. A shootout. This is SOP now.

Ironically we are high in these stats but we might as well be pissing in the wind

  • Sacks 17th
  • Passes Defended 18th

Anyone who thinks BC and Syracuse are gimmes are overestimating Brown's ability to had a game over. Its going to be some sphincter tightening weeks ahead for UofL Football Fans.