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Louisville receives amended Notice of Allegations from NCAA

Beat Wake Forest.

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The Louisville men’s basketball program has received an amendment to the addition notice of allegations that it received from the NCAA I believe 47 years ago.

The amendment lays out violations that we first learned about during the taped conversation that resulted in former assistant Dino Gaudio pleading guilty to extortion.

That’s a real sentence that I just had to type.

You can read the full amended NOA here, but these are the major items you need to know:

—There are a total of three new allegations in the NOA, and all four are deemed by the NCAA to be of the “Level II” variety.

—Chris Mack’s contract stipulates that he can be terminated for cause for any “serious violation.” The contract goes on to define and Level I or Level II violations as “serious.”

—The first allegation is over graduate assistants practicing with the team from Mack’s arrival in 2018 through the end of last season (a rule which no longer exists). The second allegation is over the creation of “30 for 30” videos that were used in recruiting. The third names Mack specifically and alleges he failed to oversee an atmosphere of compliance.

—The fact these new allegations are being folded into an original NOA that includes allegations that are now more than four years ago seems to have taken everyone by surprise.

—Both U of L and the NCAA/IARP are preparing for this process to continue through at least the spring of 2022, meaning the upcoming season will be in no way affected by the punishments that will come out of all this.

—Everything about the way this is setting up indicates that in the end, Louisville is going to be blasted by the NCAA (assuming the IARP actually exists and will at some point do ... something).

I’ll say what I’ve been saying this whole time: Expect the worst. I’ve always been expecting a multi-year tournament ban, and I’ll be pleasantly surprised if the punishment winds up being anything less than that. The NCAA has given us zero reason over the last decade to expect anything else.

Beat Wake Forest.