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Louisville wearing alternate uniforms for Big Monday game against Florida State

They are ... ok? Maybe?


Based on the U of L men’s basketball social media pages, it appears the Cards will be wearing the same alternate uniforms for tonight’s game against Florida State that we saw earlier this month on the women’s side.

Heres’ a look:

Three thoughts:

1) At first glance, these sort of look like Florida State’s black unis, continuing our trend from football of wearing alternate uniforms that sort of make us look like the team we’re playing against.

2) Everyone ripped on the “poorly funded AAU team” jerseys with the small team logos on the front that Duke and UNC wore last February. Apparently adidas saw all that negative feedback and decided they needed to immediately add to the frenzy.

3) Historically, the worse the uniforms are, the better Louisville plays. This is a big one tonight, so we should be welcoming any positive mojo (reverse or otherwise) we can get with open arms.