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After the buzzer: Wake Forest

We won.

Virginia Tech v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Quick Hitters

-This will be an abbreviated version since the Cards are back in action tonight. No need to spend too much time on it since you have already read or seen just about everything you need to on this game.

-Carlik Jones was that man again. When you get to the film review, I could have easily just had clips of him scoring at the rim, but then we would have had 20 similar clips with nothing to breakdown other than “he is good at this.” He had 23 points, 10 rebounds, three assists, three steals, and only one turnover.

-Samuell Williamson…welcome back. Are you here to stay? We will see. But you were much, much better in this game.

-Dre Davis made some big time post moves and looked like a veteran doing them. Some spin moves followed by an up and under and the finish. Not to mention scaring all of us near the end of the game. Don’t do that again.

-J.J. Traynor continues to show flashes of what he can do. The more weight he puts on, the better he is going to be. But even playing undersized, he was able to get three blocks in this one.

-Good to see Charles Minlend out on the court. I am sure the plan was to just get him in there and get that debut over with and now we can start to see his time ramped up little by little. Nothing extreme, just bring him along in the safest way possible and get him in the rotation when he is ready.

-I said abbreviated so I need to stick to my word. I appreciate you checking this out, and let’s get another win tonight! Go Cards!

Film Review