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The Cardinal Countdown: 5 Days Until Kickoff

Louisville v Connecticut Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

#5 Robert Hicks

Class: Junior

Ht/Wt: 6-1/235

Position: Linebacker

Hometown: Miami, FL

Twitter: @1_JetSet

Thoughts: My man Robert should be on the lookout for falling ping pong balls because he went full blown Captain Kangaroo jumping around his first couple years on the squad (throwback reference alert).

Coming in Hicks was a four star linebacker looking to find a spot on the inside but was stuck behind a very talented Etheridge and snaps were limited. Prior to 2019 the staff tried to move Hicks down to the defensive line but he wasn’t really about that life and threw his name in the transfer portal. After a short period of time Hicks pulled the cord and decided to come back and the staff put him back with the inside backers group. Fast forward a few weeks into the 2019 season and Hicks was still struggling to get reps behind Etheridge/Avery so they moved him to the outside backers group to try and get him on the field. He saw some time, had a good attitude about it, and continued to work at the position so of course heading into 2020…he’s back on the inside (shrug emoji).

Hicks dropped some weight over the last year moving from 250 down to 235lb, which one would assume would improve his mobility and capability to cover the middle of the field. The most recent “preliminary” depth chart had Hicks still in that number two spot behind Dorian which I don’t think will change, but I do believe we will see him out there more this season as the staff knows 2021 and beyond they have some very large spots to fill and need to get guys some experience.

Sweet Tweet:

Check the clock, check the time, see it as it tocks and ticks, make way, clear some space here comes Mr. Hicks.