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The Cardinal Countdown: 0 Days Until Kickoff

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 02 Louisville v Purdue Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This has without question been the most abnormal countdown I’ve ever done since I started this series over eight years ago. Not only was it the longest in duration (109 days) and one of my longest in “total words” typed, but it also felt like the longest one simply due to the absence of sports since back in March of this year and the mystery of the unknown each and every day we grew closer.

When the countdown started I had no idea if we were even going to have a college football season at all much less a single game to kick it off, but we pushed through each day to try and bring you a sense of normalcy over the summer months, especially to those who read these posts daily and often reach out to me with notes of thanks or appreciation.

While I certainly understand the subdued emotions and external focus over the last 15 plus weeks and even the feelings of “should we be doing this” as the days continued to pass by I’ll simply say that sites such as this, who focus on sports as a way for people to come together with a common interest when there are so many things that currently divide us, do serve a purpose and for me at least provide some moments of peace doing something I enjoy. While there are certainly things of greater importance than this countdown, or even Louisville football in general, I hope you got at least a few of those moments yourself from this series.

I typically close out the countdown with a Top 10 of my favorite posts but since the rest of this year has been anything but ordinary I’ll stay on theme and just end it with this….we get to watch Louisville play football today. Thanks once again for checking these out once, twice, or all 100 days. I genuinely appreciate it. We’ve all waited long enough, it’s time to kick this thing off. The Louisville Cardinals 2020 football season starts today.

Go Cards.