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The Wynnedbag: Week One

Guess who’s bizzack - Scarface

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Football season is back again and so is the weekly Wynnedbag. I always felt that we would at least get a start to the season but wouldn’t have been surprised at all if we didn’t. But we’re here and I’m ready to answer some questions from you guys.

As usual, I’ll answer just about anything even though this is a football post. You can tweet (@keith_wynne) your questions, post them in the comments on any of my posts, email them (, or you can message questions to the Card Chronicle Facebook page.

I appreciate you taking the opportunity to ask as many questions as possible in one tweet. I’m all about efficiency. I’m not sure that we see Pass outside of garbage time this year. If Micale Cunningham had struggled in the red zone last year, I could see Pass getting time as a goal line guy who gives them a good runner who can execute the play action stuff they like to do. But, Micale did really well down close to the end zone so I think you truly make him “the guy” and let him get the snaps.

I’d say we see a similar mindset when it comes to the Running Backs. Javian Hawkins will be the feature back while Hassan Hall will be a rotation guy. The difference is that I could see them riding the hot hand if Hall comes in and plays well in a game. These guys are somewhat interchangeable but I think that Hawkins finds his spots better and might be a better blocker. I also think we’ll see them throw to the backs more and Hawkins might be a bit better there.

I would be surprised if we don’t see the normal offense in game one. Showing your hand from a play calling standpoint gets overthought. You might not call all of your trick plays but you don’t shut down your playbook against a team that won 9 games last year and a defense that brings back nearly ever starter from the season before.

These questions are asking similar things so let’s knock them out together. The offense will have different looks this year unless Dwayne Ledford is a liar. He called the offense “vanilla” before the bowl game and I think he was being honest. Scott Satterfield’s offense is built on the wide zone and most everything plays off of those runs or that run action. Ledford spent some time at NC State where they did some really creative things with the personnel they had. Jaylen Samuels was used as a type of Swiss-army knife player who lined up all over the field.

I tend to think we’ll see more formation creativity with Ledford’s influence on the offense as well as some creative things with personnel. I do know that the plan is to move Dez Fitzpatrick around to play all three Receiver spots so that’s one change we’ll see. Maybe we see them use Marshon Ford in different ways, Tutu at Quarterback to run some option/RPO stuff? We all need to keep in mind that this staff had no clue what they had to work with until the FSU game last year. A full off season should lead to a lot of different looks and plays.

My feeling on the defense is that it will be in the range of “solid to good”. I don’t expect them to take a major leap and be a top 25 defense because I still don’t think they have the playmakers you need to get to that level. But they do have some high potential young guys who could really help them get to that “good” level. If guys like Ja’Dareien Boykin, Thurman Geathers, and Yaya Diaby come in and rush the passer at a high level, the entire defense gets better. You can’t be a good defense without putting pressure on the Quarterback.

I also think that the Defensive Line will be better which will help the run defense. UofL’s Linebackers had to take on too many blockers last year and Running Backs had big lanes to run through. That should improve and the Linebackers should be better about filling gaps when they do get help from the line. It’s not as simple as I’m making it but I don’t think it’s going to be complicated. They have good players and a good scheme. They just need everyone on the same page at the same time.

My feeling is that we’ll get a full season with some delayed games. I think Louisville has a good plan and I think testing players three times a week should help weed out positive players. The bigger issue might be the contact tracing. If you have one player test positive, you may have to sit another group of players who have come in contact with the positive player. What happens if they test after the Safeties have their position meeting and one of the players tests positive? You may have to delay the game or try to play with whoever you have left.

As someone who doesn’t feel that playing sports is all that important and probably not very smart outside of a bubble, I find it hard to believe everyone will finish out this season. But they have built the schedule to handle delays. These schools have also spent a ton of money to get the best tests available which will allow them to test more often and get results much faster. There’s a discussion to be had about the ethics there, but when it comes to the question at hand, it’s a big reason why they will likely pull this off.

The fact that you’re still willing to call this person your “friend” really shows the dedication to helping. I actually have some buddies that made this the punishment for the loser of their fantasy football league and I still think it’s one of the best I’ve heard of. It’s not over the top where someone has to spend a bunch of money or potentially harm themselves but it’s extremely embarrassing and it lasted for a full year.

I’m choosing to believe that this is a hybrid Focus because it makes it funnier. Shame is the only response. Public shame was the correct way to go and I applaud you for it.