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Friday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

Since he couldn’t travel the world for the 2020 CC Summer Tour, Jeff Fusinetti opted to travel the trails of Southern Indiana.

—Bryan Brown is a fan of Louisville’s new 2020 football schedule.

—Cameron Wheeler, one of the three Louisville soccer players dismissed from the program on Thursday, has released a statement telling his side of the story.

—Eric Crawford believes U of L was a bit heavy-handed in its handling of Wheeler and his teammates.

Times have changed, and this virus has upped the ante on everything. Still, I’m not comfortable with the power structure of a large university – with extremely well-paid coaches and administrators – showing so little grace to students in the midst of an unprecedented situation.

Who put all those athletes in the same complex? Who was there supervising? And more than that, why paint a young man as a problem player when his worst previous transactions included getting a bad grade (he retook the class), leaving a team hotel to walk around campus on a road trip (not a violation of an existing team rule), and showing up 2 minutes late to a workout that everyone was told (for NCAA purposes) was voluntary? Is that step necessary?

I get it. It’s all about optics. It should be about education. I don’t mean to say that this isn’t a serious thing. Let’s hope that everyone involved recovers quickly and moves on without complications. Let’s also understand that everyone at that gathering was there voluntarily.

And let’s also not ignore that the very act of bringing these athletes to campus and asking them to play sports at all is putting them at risk. The university has not disclosed all positive tests to the public, so we have no way of judging how well its protocols are or are not working.

Was this worth suspending players over? Yes, it was. Sure. But let’s understand, this event wasn’t intended to flaunt the COVID training the players had been provided. It got out of hand. But a lot of us who have experienced college kids quite a bit find ourselves asking, “What did you expect?”

—Lamar Jackson is still planning on doing plenty of running in his second full year as an NFL starter.

—Larry O’Bannon talks with Juan Palacios in the latest episode of his podcast.

—Former Florida State center Michael Ojo, who was just 27, has passed away from a heart attack.

—The SEC has unveiled its initial COVID protocols.

—After 22 seasons and a pair of College World Series runner-up finishes, North Carolina baseball coach Mike Fox has called it a career.

—Bubbles continue to appear to be the best way to have sports right now.

—A photo gallery from the third day of U of L’s fall camp.

—Cardinal Authority outlines five areas where the Cardinal offense can improve.

—KievC Yum Center?

—Dez Fitzpatrick says that, all things considered, he’s pleased with the way his final college season has gotten started.

—Good interview here (video) between Lamar Jackson and Steve Smith.

—Gunter Brewer: Still awesome.

—Former Trinity High and current Purdue star Rondale Moore is opting out of the 2020 season.

—Three North Carolina Tar Heels are also opting out.

—There may never be a better video.

Godspeed, Lach.

—A look at the five most dynamic players on the 2020 Louisville football roster.

—Kei’Trel Clark has been “a bright spot” during the first week of fall camp.

—And finally, is Kentucky football heading towards a scheduling impasse with Louisville? It seems possible.