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The Cardinal Countdown: 30 Days Until Kickoff

Murray State Racers v Louisville Cardinals Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

30 Days

Occasionally on the days where the Cards don’t currently have a player on the roster wearing that days number I’ll try and drop an interesting fact or noteworthy stat relating to that said number. **I use the terms interesting and noteworthy very loosely**

In 2019 Louisville had a season low 30 penalty yards in games against Eastern Kentucky and Virginia, both coming in victories. In stark contrast their season high (121 yards) came in the lopsided loss to Miami. Not a coincidence, if you ask me.

The Cards will look to improve on their penalties and penalty yardage in 2020 as Petrino consistently fielded one of the most penalized teams in the country year over year. Improved discipline can only help to put yourself in a better position to win each week.