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The Cardinal Countdown: 14 Days Until Kickoff

Two weeks, math majors

Toyota Gator Bowl: Louisville v Virginia Tech Photo by Matt Stroshane/Getty Images

#14 Marvin Dallas

Class: Junior

Ht/Wt: 6-1/195

Position: Linebacker

Hometown: Brunswick, GA

Twitter: @14k_Dallasjr

Thoughts: Dallas joins the squad out of Georgia Military College and still has two seasons of eligibility left. Dallas was considered a Top 3 athlete in Georgia and the #1 JUCO outside linebacker in the country. While the Cards have some bodies on the outside they needed depth and speed and Dallas brings both. A former track athlete Dallas can scoot, but can also lay the wood like he’s pushing 220 instead of 195.

You can see in his clip below that Marvin has good awareness and can cover a large area of the field. Getting a guy who already has a couple seasons under his belt to come in and immediately contribute will be nice for a defense looking to gain some momentum after a step in the right direction in 2019.

Sweet Tweet:

No wonder he covers so much ground, there are five of him. In all seriousness though, cool YMCA routine Marvin.


#14 Ean Pfeifer

Class: RS Senior +

Ht/Wt: 6-4/255

Position: Tight End

Hometown: Bentonville, AR

Twitter: @PfeifDaddy57

Thoughts: Welcome back to the “old head” in the locker room. Preifer, after transferring over from Vanderbilt last season as a former offensive guard to play a little tight end, was granted a sixth season of eligibility by the NCAA earlier this year and will return to the Cards in 2020. One can only assume Pfeifer is getting a doctorate in something because dude…six years. There are guys on this team who weren’t even in high school when Pfeifer first suited up for Vandy back in 2015.

While I poke fun, I was glad to see Pfeifer come back in the mix as he is undoubtedly a great blocking tight end, and someone the Cards needed in 2020 as to not throw Dez/Desmond to the wolves as true freshman. A lot of the zone read stuff Satterfield throws out is reliant upon the edge being set, which last year, on the left at least, you could rely on Becton to do his job every time, but now they need Boone and Pfeifer to help seal to give the back or a releasing Ford space.

I’d be doing a disservice to Pfeifer by just pointing out the non-highlight plays as my man not only had two grabs last year but both, yes both, went for a score. Satterfield had an excellent play call both times and actually gave Cunningham a few options on who could get the ball. Fortunately for Ean, he was the safe option both times.

You can see here that not only was Pfeifer wide open but Davis at the goal line was free and Dez on the cross…

Once again, Tutu could have walked in out in the flat, but Pfeifer snuck past the defense like a teenager who missed curfew

Two catches, two scores. Boss moves. What a great time for me to stop a take a moment to honor the work done by Sean Moth over the last 21 years at Louisville. I’ll save my extended thoughts about his departure for another time but right now, those two grabs warrant a… TOUCHDOOOOOOOOWN CARDINALS!

Sweet Tweet:

Going out....?