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The Cardinal Countdown: 17 Days Until Kickoff

Florida State v Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

#17 Will Warren

Class: RS Freshman

Ht/Wt: 6-2/235

Position: Quarterback

Hometown: Owensboro, KY

Twitter: @willbenji

Thoughts: Will was a walk-on for the Cards last year and was actually just a couple plays away from being the old gunslinger out there as Pass, then Cunningham went down temporarily. Mr. Conley filled in nicely but the ‘haas from the ‘Boro’ was ready to roll without question.

While last season I focused on the shear size of Mr. Warren, throwing his weight around like Big Ben, this season we have a more important focus, and that is the sweet lady snatching stache resting upon his lip. If I can’t have Cunningham slinging it, give me ‘Gunther Minshew lite’…

Hats off to Will, and hopefully he kept that baby growing during the fall. Corona wouldn’t dare nestle in those hairs, it knows a battle not worth fighting. Best of luck to Will this year as he completes each day and battles it out with some talented signal callers in the Cards backfield.

Sweet Tweet:

This was a trash take…but don’t knock it to loud, he was right on the money. Almost like someone gave him a heads up before it happened.


#17 Dorian Etheridge

Class: Senior

Ht/Wt: 6-3/230

Position: Linebacker

Hometown: Charleston, WV

Twitter: @D_Shmoney_17

Thoughts: From the casual fan to the die hard, there is no need to introduce Dorian Etheridge. The three year contributor comes into his senior season having started more games than any other player on the roster (33), and if he remains healthy and COVID doesn’t cut us short, he’ll finish his career with 44 starts, just seven behind the Smith brothers Hakeem and Jake (maybe half brothers?).

I could rattle off stats and talk about tackles or how well he plays the middle but you all already know that. I’d rather take this thing in a bit of a different direction if you’ll let me.

In my opinion Dorian is in a bit of a Mike Trout situation as he is arguably one of the three or four best to play middle linebacker for the Cards in the last 20 years, but the 2017-2019 defenses haven’t exactly been stellar. While the weight of overcoming poor performances doesn’t rest on the shoulders of Etheridge, or Avery, or Burns…those guys are the leaders in the room, and I’d love to see a significant improvement in year two of the Bryan Brown defense so these guys can leave the program helping turned the tide back in the proper direction. Getting back to the performances we saw with Grantham or even back during the Strong seasons would really tickle my loins, if you catch my drift. I’m excited for them as a fan, but also on a personal level. This quote stuck out to me last year at ACC media days and ran through my head a few times last season as the team continued to overachieve each week…

Etheridge added, “He’s (Satterfield) a lot more approachable — I think that would be the appropriate word for it. Coach Petrino recruited me out of high school, and me and Coach Satt are probably closer already, even though it’s only been about six months.

These guys have busted their tail for three plus years for this program, I’m glad they’re getting a chance to establish what appear to be lifelong relationships with this staff and fond memories of their time at Louisville. I’m glad they got that opportunity.

Sweet Tweet:

Etheridge has been waiting patiently for me to drop it at some point this summer. Apologies on the delay. My top 10 wing spots in Louisville.