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The Cardinal Countdown: 60 Days Until Kickoff

NCAA Football: Boston College at Louisville
Who are they lifting up? The stat below will tell the story...
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

60 Days

Occasionally on the days where the Cards don’t currently have a player on the roster wearing that days number I’ll try and drop an interesting fact or noteworthy stat relating to that said number. **I use the terms interesting and noteworthy very loosely**

Art Carmody made 60 Field Goals in his career at Louisville, placing him behind only John Wallace (66) on the Card’s all-time list.

Blanton Creque (being lifted above) had his season/career cut short due to injury in 2019 but still finished with 51, good enough to land him at 3rd all time for the Cards.

Happy 4th to everyone, enjoy your smoked meats, potato salad, and you’re extremely safe Kroger pack of fireworks...and if you so chose to set off mortars at like 3am and freak out my dog, or wake up my infant son, I’m not afraid to throw hands. Merica’

NCAA FOOTBALL: DEC 30 Music City Bowl - Texas A&M v Louisville Photo by Steve Roberts/Icon Sportswire/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images