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The Cardinal Countdown: 40 Days Until Kickoff

Louisville v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

#40 Brock Travelstead

Class: Freshman

Ht/Wt: 6-1/214

Position: Kicker

Hometown: Acworth, GA

Twitter: @KP12Travelstead

Thoughts: If you follow the countdown you know I have an affinity for three very specific areas when it comes to football, in general. Fullbacks, Offensive line play, and special teams. I’m like a football unicorn who enjoys three of the more “boring” aspects of the game when compared to the typical fan. But all three of those things (except when an offense foolishly doesn’t utilize a fullback) are key to being successful long term and fielding a championship caliber team. Why did I just drop a paragraph long intro for a freshman kicker? Because he could be the next guy to boost one of those three key areas.

I hit on Logan Lupo a couple days back (‘Lupo-matic’) but most of the scuttlebutt around the vacancy at kicker starts with this young man, Brock Trevelstead. Why is an incoming freshman being pointed to instead of a playerwho was already on the roster? Good question, and I’m glad you’re showing more of an interest in special teams. The reason is because Brock is pretty daggone good. When I say this kid has trophies stacked on trophies I’m not talking Little League participation gold, I’m talking real deal accomplishments. Brock was a two time all-state selection in Georgia, a Max Preps All-American, Kohl’s Kicking All American, Adidas All-American, regional special teams player of the year two times, finished second overall in the Chris Sailer High School Kicker of the Year competition and 247Sports calls him the 6th best kicker in the country.

With all that said, Brock, or Lupo, or Chalifoux, or James Turner has some absolute monster shoes to fill. When I put on my Blanton Creque underoos this morning I was reminded just how good he was during his career, finishing 3rd all-time with 51 made field goals and 1st all time with a made FG% percentage of 82.3% (he also went 157-162 in PATs). Following that is going to be tough for anyone, especially a freshman.

James Turner was the penciled in starter on the summer depth chart but Brock arrived in January and got a few practices in before COVID shut them down. A big bonus for a player like Brock is that if Tuner or Lupo or someone else wins the job, he has a monster leg and can still be used at punter (1st on summer depth chart) or on kickoffs. To my “why can’t we find a kicker who can put it in the endzone” fans…fast forward to about the 1:30 mark and watch Brock absolutely murder the football for a few minutes straight, routinely putting it out the back.

I have faith the staff will put the right player in each spot as the season begins but I would be stunned if Brock isn’t in one of those three positions (P/K/Kickoffs) by Game 1. I think we got ourselves another good one.

Sweet Tweet:

Welcome aboard. Gonna take a mighty effort but maybe I’ll have ‘Brock’ tattooed on my inner thigh next to ‘Art’ and ‘Blanton’ four years from now. It’s not creepy at all…very tastefully done.