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The Cardinal Countdown: 89 Days Until Kickoff

Louisville v Pittsburgh Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

#89 Christian Fitzpatrick

Class: Freshman

Ht/Wt: 6-4/215

Position: Wide Receiver

Hometown: Southfield, MI

Twitter: @Cfitz_1

Thoughts: No matter what level of competition you’re watching whether it be high school, college, or even the NFL, you have to love legacy players. Typically, its the son of a former player who attends the same school and hopefully builds onto the achievements that family has already laid down during their time there. A good example was just last week receiving the commit from T-Will’s son to come play for the Cards. While a bit more unique than legacy athletes I always find it interesting when teams have two brothers on the same squad as well. A more recent example at the NFL level is the Griffin brothers both suiting up for the Seahawks but it happens at a greater frequency on the collegiate level, including here at UofL just a few seasons ago when the Ahner brothers played together back in 2013-2015 and the one with a bit more notoriety, the Pass brothers, Khane and Jawon.

Well, 2020 welcomes another set of siblings into the Cardinal family as Christian will suit up for the Cards alongside his older brother Dez, the first time the two will have officially played on the same team together. While siblings on the same team is nothing new, the fact that both play the same position is even more unique. Christian who had previously committed to Washington State got the opportunity to come visit the campus, talk with Coach Gunter Brewer, watch some film, and before you know it, we got another ‘FREAK’ in the building.

Christian and Dez may both have a seat in the wideouts room but their game is not identical. Christian has a larger frame standing at a “legit 6-4” according to his father Greg, and his game is a bit more physical than Dez, not shying away from contact or hesitant to push around some weight of his own to create separation or block downfield. In the film below you can see some his speed at the beginning as he hits on “tilt” after “tilt” getting behind his man. But more impressive to me is later in the clip we some more athleticism in how he generates space from the corner, good footwork along the sidelines, and framing his body to create a big target for the QB. This is typically stuff you don’t see in freshman wideouts in my opinion, and it shows he has been training with some experienced guys up to this level. Of course, having an older brother being a Top 2 wideout for a Power 5 school the last three years certainly doesn’t hurt.

I think the Cards got a solid player in Christian who will likely contribute a decent amount this season looking to replace some production from the departed Seth Dawkins. Even in a crowded room of wide receivers Christian walked in back in January as the biggest guy on the roster at that spot and I believe will earn himself a target or three as the season progresses.

Sweet Tweet:

I caught this earlier this year and thought it was insightful and a fun watch with the two guys interacting with each other, and their sis. A full blown family affair. Also of note, about halfway through the challenge was issued to nickname the duo and I know how much CC loves them some challenges. Throw some suggestions below and we’ll all laugh at each others pitiful attempts. “Sixpatrick’s” “Fitzbros”…someone help me out.