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The Cardinal Countdown: 68 Days Until Kickoff

Middle Tennessee v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

68 Days

Occasionally on the days where the Cards don’t currently have a player on the roster wearing that days number I’ll try and drop an interesting fact or noteworthy stat relating to that said number. **I use the terms interesting and noteworthy very loosely**

The local golden foot from Pleasure Ridge Park High School, Nate Smith, finished his Cardinal career at a smidge over a 68% success rate on his field goal attempts, putting him at 7th all-time for the University.

While Blanton Creque had his season cut short last year after eight games he was able to finish his career with a 82.2% success rate which landed him, according to my calculations, at a dead tie for first place all time with friend of the site, Art Carmody. BTW, I totally jinxed him from winning this outright with my comments on last season’s post. Sorry Blanton. You’re welcome, Art.