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Friday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

Sol Nefouse is spending his days betting maiden claimers at odd hours. He needs Cardinal sports back.

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—Keith and I both joined the Big Red Louie podcast last night to talk about a whole host of things. You can listen here.

—ACC commissioner John Swofford will be retiring next June.

—The Athletic looks at some of the potential candidates to replace Swofford.

The Popular Candidates (Michael Kelly, Dan Radakovich, Shane Lyons, Oliver Luck)

Nearly every single conversation with those in the league began with these four names. For better or worse — depending on the direction the league chooses to go in — three of the four have strong ACC ties. Kelly, the USF AD, was formerly the senior associate commissioner of the ACC and served as the COO of the College Football Playoff before moving to Tampa.

Radakovich, the Clemson AD, would want the job, according to multiple administrators within the league. Radakovich has overseen the league’s flag bearer for football — especially during a down period for everyone else in the ACC — and was the AD at Georgia Tech before that, but if Clements wants the job, that could get in his way.

Lyons, the West Virginia AD, has served as an associate commissioner of the ACC. And like Luck, he has worked for the NCAA and chaired a number of important committees. Luck, Lyons’ predecessor at WVU, most recently served as XFL commissioner.

Of note: Kelly, who will turn 50 next month, is by far the youngest of this group. (Radakovich is 62; Luck is 60; Lyons is 55.)

—The American Heart Association has announced it will be giving Howard Schnellenberger its Paul “Bear” Bryant Lifetime Achievement Award for accomplishments on and off the field.

—Heading into his second season as the U of L men’s soccer coach, John Michael Hayden is growing. Not, like, physically. Although if he is, more power to him. That would be awesome.

—The Sporting News has Javian Hawkins as a Second Team preseason All-American.

—Jazz coach Quin Snyder supports Donovan Mitchell challenging the Jazz fan base with his recent public calls for justice.

With his social media posts last week, Mitchell again essentially challenged the Jazz fan base on issues regarding race.

“One of the things that’s been talked about a lot is that it’s OK to be uncomfortable,” Snyder said. “Donovan was certainly uncomfortable on some level. It takes courage to stand up for what you believe in, and to the extent that he made some other people and some of us uncomfortable, I think that’s a good thing.

“Part of I think the challenge with this is for us not to be defensive. Things that are said, it’s not always an accusatory statement. We don’t need to be defensive about what we hear. We need to process it, try to understand, because at that point, when we have a greater understanding we can have that dialogue and begin to find those ways that we can to unite.”

—Headliners Music Hall is up for sale. I say we buy it and turn it into a drinking establishment that shows nothing but MacGruber and Russ Smith highlights on an endless loop.

—Micale Cunningham had one of the 10-best individual performances of the 2019 ACC football season.

—Class of 2022 hoops target Kyle Filipowski discusses his recent Louisville offer.

—Jeff Goodman has Louisville at No. 5 in his list of transfer market “winners.”

—Brayden Mack has a message for the world during these strange times.

—Former Card Andrew Farrell has signed a new contract with the New England Revolution.

—247 Sports has an early preview of the U of L men’s basketball team.

—Louisville has offered top 50 class of 2021 prospect Alex Fudge.

—Friday Irrelevance:

—Louisville has made the top 10 of class of 2021 PG JD Davidson.

—247 Sports has a Louisville baseball recruiting notebook.

—And finally, Irish Illustrated makes a first, second and third team offense made up of the best players on Notre Dame and the teams the Irish will face in 2020. Javian Hawkins, TuTu Atwell and Marshon Ford all crack the first team.