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Jackson Hamilton Commits to Louisville Football

Bryan Brown lands another defender from Georgia.

NCAA Football: Louisville at Western Kentucky Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Scott Satterfield and his staff are on a ridiculous recruiting run for the second straight year. Jackson Hamilton joined the class today, picking the Cards over Florida State, Kentucky, Georgia Tech, Illinois, and Boston College. He is a 3-star Outside Linebacker/Safety hybrid who will likely be a candidate to play the Card position.

Hamilton is 6-1/205 with good length and a solid frame to add weight to. He can also do a bit of everything on the field. He’s really impressive when it comes to tackling in space as well as chasing down plays on the edge. Hamilton can also cover well in one-on-one situations. I just really love how he closes on the football.

The Louisville staff has always placed a premium on speed but they’ve been able to bring that philosophy to Louisville while improving on the overall talent of the prospects they’re landing. Hamilton is just further proof of that. He shows his athleticism on both sides of the ball while doing all of the things required on defense. He joins a defensive group that really shows an ability to fit the defense well while also bringing versatility and athleticism.