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The Cardinal Countdown: 73 Days Until Kickoff

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 19 Clemson at Louisville Photo by Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

73 Days

Occasionally on the days where the Cards don’t currently have a player on the roster wearing that days number I’ll try and drop an interesting fact or noteworthy stat relating to that said number. **I use the terms interesting and noteworthy very loosely**

In ’73 Walter Peacock set a record with 290 rushing attempts in a single season for the Cards, still holding that record today within the program. He also holds the record for most attempts in a single game (tied) with 40, and in a career with 811.

The run heavy offense Satterfield employs should have Mr. Peacock shaking in his feathers though. In 2019 Javian Hawkins moved up to 3rd on the list for most rushing attempts in a single season (264) and had two games where he sniffed 30 attempts, meaning it would not be crazy to see him approach 38-40 at some point this year. Unfortunately for us Hawkins fans I’m not sure ‘Playstation’ will be around long enough to threaten the career attempt mark of 811.