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The Cardinal Countdown: 80 Days Until Kickoff

Murray State v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

80 Days

Occasionally on the days where the Cards don’t currently have a player on the roster wearing that days number I’ll try and drop an interesting fact or noteworthy stat relating to that said number. **I use the terms interesting and noteworthy very loosely**

Louisville’s ’80 football schedule was a bit of a ‘Murders Row’ when it came to brand recognition. The Cards schedule that year included games against Miami (FL), Florida State, and Florida.

The 2020 schedule also includes Florida State, but this year includes the nationally known names of Clemson, and Notre Dame. Those three schools (and Syracuse) have claimed an impressive 15 National Championships in the poll era (1936). While I didn’t get a chance to go back and verify due to time constraints I’d guess the 2018 season was the largest total number of opponent championships in the history of the program as the Cards played Alabama (12), FSU (3), GT(1), Clemson (2 at the time), and Cuse (1) for a total of 19 Championships at that time.