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Vic Mullen Commits To Louisville Football

Stu Holt and Cort Dennison get a commitment at a need position in the 2021 class.

Louisville at Miami Daniel A. Varela/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Louisville Football continued their solid streak in recruiting today when Tight End Victor Mullen committed to the Cards. Mullen is one of the many recruits that made multiple visits to Louisville’s campus and the Cards were his first power five offer. Iowa State and Syracuse jumped in shortly after but the visits and connection with the staff seem to be the thing that sealed the deal for Louisville. He is listed as a three star prospect on 247 and Rivals, but it appears that Rivals has two pages for him so that might be the reason that he doesn’t have a composite rating as of now.

Mullen lists himself at 6-6/250 but the sites have him a little lighter. I’d say by watching him on video that he looks to be closer to the 230 or so pounds that the sites show. He shouldn’t have any problem adding bulk with the frame he has.

Mullen is very raw from what I can see on tape. He has great size and looks comfortable catching the football. He doesn’t look all that fluid as a runner and his speed is probably a bit of a question. Coach Holt did a great job with Marshon Ford as well as Ean Pheifer, who was an offensive lineman before he came to Louisville. It would be great to see him develop the raw skills that Mullen shows.

As a blocker, Mullen looks the part, though. Louisville needs their Tight Ends on the line to assist the running game as much as they need them to be options in the passing game. If Mullen can continue to grow in this area, he should have a good shot of getting on the field sooner rather than later.

Louisville is on a nice run on the recruiting trail and the word on the street is that they will be receiving more good news in the coming days and weeks. We’ll continue to breakdown the commits as they come in.