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Chris Mack responds to NCAA Notice of Allegations

The Louisville men’s basketball coach had an aggressive response to Monday’s news.

Virginia Tech v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Chris Mack has released a response to U of L receiving its Notice of Allegations from the NCAA, and it includes one line of particular note:

“Since arriving at Louisville, I have seen up close the incredible changes that have taken place under the leadership of President Bendapudi and Director of Athletics Vince Tyra in our university and in our athletics department. The shared values and commitment to integrity is evident in their actions and has always been demanded in the programs that my staff and I have led. While I understand the allegations brought today, I am confident that the University will do what is right, which includes fighting back on those charges that we simply do not agree with, and for which the facts do not substantiate. The future is bright for Cardinal Basketball. Our focus will continue to be on our tremendous student-athletes.”

Round two with the NCAA isn’t going to be like round one. This is going to be a war.