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Tuesday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

Jackson is the latest Quarantine Cardinal Kid who is ready for his first taste of Louisville athletics.

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—The CJ’s Lucas Aulbach wonders what would have happened if Rondale Moore had picked Louisville over Purdue.

—Louisville is a 6-seed in Joe Lunardi’s newest offseason Bracketology.

—Former UK commit turned Louisville signee Jordan Watkins riled up hundreds of grown men in Lexington last night with a simple tweet.

—Gary Parrish says if doctors are already saying it won’t be safe for teachers 65 and up to return to classrooms this fall because of COVID-19, why would it be safe for Jim Boeheim (76), Mike Krzyzewski (74) and Roy Williams (70) to return to their locker rooms?

—ESPN is counting down the top 74 players in NBA history.

—Football Scoop has a nice Q&A session with Scott Satterfield.

FootballScoop: Switching gears now, how do you put the wheels in motion for a culture change when you take over a program that’s in a place that Louisville was at the time?

Satterfield: There’s many, many things, I think. Obviously not just one thing. From what we did when I came in that December 15 months ago to where we are now, obviously it’s night and day. The first thing we wanted to establish was trust and the only way to establish trust is to be consistent on a daily basis. Our staff, it’s the same message we’re putting out to the kids every single day, it’s built off trust. The other thing we wanted our guys to do was have a great attitude and work their tails off. Attitude and effort are the two pillars of our program.

When you come in with that and do that every single day, there was a lot of guys that did not want to be a part of that, so we lost some guys. Their leaving probably made our team stronger because the ones that did stay did all the things that we’re trying to do as a team on a consistent basis. We’re just getting better incrementally every day. We were not perfect last year, obviously we were much more competitive once we got on the field. Then our guys got a little bit of confidence, they started to believe, and next thing you know you win eight games and you win a big bowl game against Mississippi State. It just doesn’t happen overnight, it’s consistent effort every single day and being who you are. We were a program that, when we got here, was kind of closed off to everybody. We don’t have anything to hide, we opened it up to our fans, our alumni and our players. We were honest about where they stood and here’s where we need to get to. Doing all those things every single day helped us change the whole culture.

FootballScoop: When I wrote about Bryan Brown last summer he said that your staff was surprised at just how bad the morale was when y’all got there. “I can tell with my little ones, fathering them, you can tell when to kick them in the butt and when they need a pat on the back. These guys need a lots of pats on the back,” he said. How do you go about changing guys’ views of themselves?

Satterfield: Our No. 1 core value is project positive energy. We’re trying to be positive in everything you do. Now, that’s hard to be positive when you come in a situation where it’s so dire. You didn’t win any ACC games, zero confidence in the building. They didn’t feel they could do anything. It was really hard for us as a staff to be positive on a daily basis, but we had to force ourselves to find things to be positive about. Even when guys initially were not working hard, we had to point out when they did. It was not very frequent. When it did happen we were pointing out to them, ‘This is where we need to be.’ Not really pointing out anything they were doing negatively. We were just trying to be very positive with them and love on them. We tried to make them know that we care about them. At times had staff meetings and you just shake your head, but we had to find a way to get positive with them, man.

Once they felt that we cared about them, they really started putting that effort into it and really caring for each other. If you care about your teammates more than you care about yourself and you get them to believe in that, you’re going to be so much better as a team, obviously, but what we have found is you’re going to be so much better as a team as well.

—Ryan McMahon talks with The Athletic about the Ryan McMahon ‘90s sitcom meme.

—If the 2020 college football season features only conference games and no guarantee games, it’s going to have majorly negative financial implications for the sport and, in turn, all of college athletics.

—Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician asks what if Connecticut joined the ACC instead of Louisville.

—Micale Cunningham was the 13th-most blitzed quarterback in college football last season.

—After 17 years in business, it looks like Frankfort Ave. staple North End Cafe is being forced to keep its doors closed for good.

—Benjamin Perry says Scott Satterfield’s “vision” is ultimately what led him to a Louisville commitment.

—Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports has reported that there will be no ACC basketball games on opening night this year, but there will be league play in December once again. Louisville has already announced that it will host Western Kentucky on opening night.

—New York is going to love Jazz.

—Louisville is a finalist for defensive end Ashton Gillotte.

—Like a true sports patriot, Drew Magary got extremely stoned and stayed up until the middle of the night to watch live South Korean baseball. Then he wrote about it.

—U of L makes the top 10 for five-star wing Harrison Ingram.

—Unreal shot.

—A look at three class of 2021 quarterbacks Louisville is currently in hot pursuit of.

—The horses have returned to Churchill Downs, where there will be racing (without fans) this weekend.

—Former CC writer Haley O’Shaughnessy shares thoughts on Michael Jordan and “The Last Dance.”

—An ACC stock report based on offseason transfer acquisitions. No surprise, Louisville’s stock is up.

Stock Up


Chris Mack and the Cardinals have plenty on their hands at the moment; there’s a lot of work to be done in order to replace so much outgoing talent. Jordan Nwora, Dwayne Sutton, Ryan McMahon, Steven Enoch: these are really good players.

The program also lost Jay Scrubb — an incoming blue-chip JUCO signee — to the NBA Draft, too.

As far as the transfer portal goes, though, Louisville did rather well, even with the departure of veteran guard Darius Perry, who will head to UCF to play for Johnny Dawkins.

The addition of grad transfer Carlik Jones from Radford is a major get. A power guard while plenty of offensive ingenuity, Jones is the best incoming transfer to the ACC. (Four weeks ago, I went into great detail on what makes Jones special, and why a backcourt pairing with David Johnson can do serious damage next season.)

During the 2019-20 season, Jones was the only player in the country to finish with 30 percent usage, 30 percent assist rate and 40 percent 3-point shooting.

With Johnson and Jones, the Cards have two big-time lead ball handlers, which should unlock Louisville’s drag screen offense in semi-transition and allow for all kinds of spread pick-and-roll action in the half court. Malik Williams, as a screener, will be busy.

Jones is an elite shot-maker. According to Synergy Sports, Jones posted an effective shooting rate of 51 percent out of the pick-and-roll; he also scored 1.18 points per spot-up possession.

Louisville also added Charles Minlend — another grad transfer from San Francisco. Minlend averaged 14.4 points, 4.7 rebounds and 1.8 assists per game for a go-go San Francisco squad this season. For his efforts, Minlend was named second team All-West Coast Conference. Minlend also considered Gonzaga and Arizona, among others, before committing to Louisville.

Minlend is a high-usage player — with a career usage rate of 26.1 percent — who will have to improve as a spot-up target, next to Jones and Johnson. However, he’s also a low-mistake player (13 percent turnover rate this season) and gets to the line a ton. As a junior, Minlend averaged 6.3 FTA and drew 5.1 fouls per 40 minutes.

—Class of 2022 shooting guard Isaac McKneely has received a scholarship offer from Chris Mack.

—And finally, Cardinal pitcher Luke Smith joins Sean Moth on the latest episode of the Welcome to the Ville podcast.